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Adult Written byFilmNoir March 15, 2011

High school type of film

I really liked Double Indemnity, it's a work of genius, it takes the aspects of film noir and times them by 10, which is one of the reasons it is such an important part of noir history. It's based off the book that was written by by Cain, but at the time Cain was already working for a film studio, so Chandler, who wrote "The Big Sleep" worked with Billy Wilder to create the script for the film. They hated each other though, but it produced a wonderful movie nonetheless. The movie "Double Indemnity" takes the dark lighting to the extreme so that there are scenes where it is hard to see what is happening, but never too dark that you can't see at all. There isn't any violence or sex, but it is implied, you never actually see anything. It is fairly clean, but the story behind it is definitely for young adults, and not for children. I saw it in my Senior noir class a few weeks ago and, to quote my teacher, it is the "quintessential film noir".
Adult Written byVoiceofthekids April 9, 2008

Pretty cool

I think this movie was based on a book, im not sure but it must have been a killer story! I love how the story unfolds, but surly not a young childeren movie, 13+ i say.
Adult Written bysarge123 October 2, 2015

Excellent but dark. 14+

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Too much violence
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