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Africa is not a country.

I just don't understand why a nature show is intentionally bolstering Thi misconception to kids. The monkeys are identified as being from Sri lanka The bears even more specifically from Alaska (not even the US). But the cheetahs and lions are from the "wild plains of Africa ". And the chimpanzees are from the "heart of Africa". As a Tanzanian knowing those lions were in East Africa most likely from Tanzania this is just intentionally misleading.
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Disappointed by all the violence scenes

I was excited to watch this movie with my 5-year-old son during a sick day resting on the couch. Growing Up Wild looked like a cute film about baby animals in the wild. Unfortunately, it was far more graphic and violent than I thought. I have to admit, however, that I'm a stickler for wholesome entertainment. There are several scenes in which the mother animal teaches the baby animal how to hunt for prey and avoid being prey themselves! In one scene, the baby cheetahs try to avoid being killed by the hyenas. The cheetahs take cover, but in the morning, not all the babies survived. They don't show the killing but it's clearly portrayed. NOT something I want my little guy seeing especially considering it was midway through the movie and we had already grown to love these little cheetah cubs. Having said that, the cinematography was great and the storyline was well put together. I just wish I would of have known about the violent hunting scenes. I would have made another choice and saved this movie until my son was older.

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Too much violence