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Dark and often scary '80s fantasy hasn't aged well.
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Adult Written byLana Davis September 11, 2018

Exactly What Kids' Movies Should Be and Are Missing--Heart and Spirit

I have no idea how this site rated this one star. Is it dark? Yes. Can life sometimes have unkind moments and bad people? Yes? Is it important to learn about the dark side of life so you understand why you don't do bad things and create bad consequences? Absolutely! Add to that a strong female lead--she is a princess choosing her own suitor and using her brain and personality--NOT her body or revealing clothing to attract and interact with her love. The couple are caring and sensuous without vulgarity or explicitness. The female lead makes a mistake and faces serious consequences along the way--much like life--but best of all SHE HAS TO WORK TO FIX HER MISTAKE!!!! :D Yipee! And she and her love work together for good to conquer evil. How can you hate this? I second the parent who said it's a very anti-PC movie, in the best sense. It's everything kids need to see and movies lack.

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Adult Written byLollipop4508 November 27, 2017

Wonderful film that teaches kids many important lessons such as listening to what other people who know more have to say.

Its a film I loved as akid, and that my kids love as well. Its especially good because todays overly left wing Politicvally Correct Hollywood simply doesn't make any children's movie's with any heart, and panders to kids telling them that they are smarter and better then everyone around them. This movie not only entertains, it will make kids pause and think. No, you can not touch anything simply because you want to.

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Adult Written byBuzzoff22 June 25, 2019

Beautiful film!

I first saw this film in probably 1985 as a teen and fell immediately in love with it. As an adult and years upon years later it still holds up beautifully and doesn't seem dated at all. Anyone I know in my age group(it may be nostalgia but I doubt it) adores this film. It's a film about the battle between good and evil and there are some awesome quotes about just that. The film doesn't blur the lines like so many films do these days which I find upsetting. There are some vey innocent moments of young love but nothing that's innappropriate and those scenes are definitely G rated especially for these days. I can't recall any curse words. I'm actually about the watch the film again. But it's a medevil film and they speak very proper English- so I don't recall any bad words. The film is cinematically striking and they apparently filmed some scenes near Where I live in Florida which is somewhat surprising. I believe it's a Silver springs. Anyhow, I can't say enough about this film. If you like films like Lord of the Rings, Willow, Krill, etc you will love this film as well.

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Adult Written byRarityfan October 1, 2018

The Legend! (1986)

Not to be confused with other Legend titled movies. Violence and classic beautiful damsel in distress. Thanks to the internet this forgotten movie is now cult. In consumerism this movie has lots of different cuts and alternative versions on DVD and VHS.

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