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Adult Written byHolly R. February 11, 2019

Nominated For Best Animated Film at the 91st Oscars!!!

This film has been nominated for Best Animated Film 2018 and for good reason. It's a wonderful movie about family and a 4 year old boy feeling a little sibling rivalry/jealousy of his newborn baby sister. It's a touching family movie. The bathing together thing is a cultural thing in Japan and isn't sexual in nature. There is some scary images that are "dream-like" in nature and the overall lesson/moral that you can take away is that family isn't perfect but they still care which is wonderful. I will say that it is more for the parents than for the kids and functions as a reminder of how parenting more than one kid can be seen from the older kids point of view. It's just a wonderful movie with positive messages about family and especially mothers. Just beware of the "demon mommy" part.

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Positive Messages
Positive role models
Adult Written byMPJones January 27, 2019

"Culture" can come at a cost

The "potentially scary moment" when the child imagines people turning into demons will be very disturbing to any seven or eight year old. It should be mentioned that it's his mom that flashes suddenly into a demon. It was not clear to me, in the story line, the was hallucinating, and to expect a child to get that is short-sighted.

My wife and her friend took our kids, and when I asked them how they liked the movie two days later, all three-kids started talking in agitated manner about the demon-mom scene. That's two 8 year olds and a 6 year old. As for my level-headed 13 year old, she said, "I liked it but it was confusing."

Another scene in which the child is lost in a large Tokyo train station and fights to stay off the similarly demonic "Train to Loneliness" is wrenching. Now, by the end of the film, we find that the film's message is essentially, "You're parents a flawed and often inattentive, but they're really ok," which is fine. However, this is rendered with nothing near the power of the problematic scenes. The final scene may assuage parents, but not the kids.
Adult Written byOrangeButterflies December 5, 2019

Is a good movie for pre-teens but don’t let your little ones watch it

The thing that makes this film not good for little kids besides the Horrifying train station scene is that Kun is a bad role model. He is an ungrateful brat where he’s mean to his parents and baby sister. Worst of all, even after he goes into time periods or meets people from different periods (Until the very ending), didn’t even learned his lesson from them and still doesn’t accept his family. I know that he’s only four and doesn’t really know any better but still. There are also scenes where he hurts his parents and baby sister.

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Violence & scariness
Adult Written byanimallover120 June 28, 2020

Thought the anime was better but it was more mockery

this sweet/nice anime movie was filled with mockery! there were plenty of sweet moments but they seemed so mockery to me. i hated the fact that this was 'mockery' to the breadwinner movie.
Adult Written bybarefootboy May 22, 2020

Almost so great

Our family loved the emotion told in this story, the imaginative mind of Hun and his connection with his family past and future.

This was all overshadowed by a few really creepy and dark scenes which ruined the movie for us. They're hard to skip as they are at very key points in the film but if we ever re watch this we'll be sure to self-sensor those out.

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Positive Messages
Adult Written byOliviaReviewsIt January 24, 2020

Cute-Looking Anime Flick Not Worth It

I saw this movie in theaters and was genuinely excited going in seeing as I love anime movies. But this has got to be one of the most boring shows I have ever seen in my entire life. The only particularly exciting point in the movie is when the young boy gets lost--and this scene is the one that would potentially frighten younger audiences. When the boy gets lost, he wanders into a train station and the train pulls up, looking like it's heading straight for the gates of hell. A perilous scene for sure, despite being a cartoon. Other than this, there is quite a bit of rude behavior from the main character. It isn't worth watching for adults or kids. The story is terrible, and most children won't even understand what's going on due to the confusing story line.
Adult Written byRonjasMom October 1, 2019

The least good Japanese kids' movie we've seen

It doesn't compare to anything from Studio Ghibli. I disliked the main kid character and found the whole movie rather boring. Still, I couldn't go below three stars because it is still better than most American films of recent years.
Parent Written byStacie W. December 13, 2018

Sentimental and engaging film about family bonds

First of all, the animation will blow kids and adults away. Small kids may not be understand the story in its entirely but they’ll love the trains and toys of the little boy, Kun, and they may be able to relate if they’re the older children in their family, depending on their maturity level.
The story is fun, funny and at times pulls on the ol’ Heartstrings. One scene in particular stands out that everyone can relate to, kids and adults alike. The dad teaching the little boy how to ride a bike! It’s funny, but then you also feel the tears coming on as the boy begins to ride.
Older kids will understand the film in its entirety better, but younger kids will find it engaging and it will hold their attention. There’s no bad language but the little boy does hit his baby sister at one point as some 4 year olds do, and there is a little bit of a scary part with a witch and a train but it’s quick and it’s no scarier than anything Disney. Some adults are really good role models in the film, particularly the dad and grandfather.

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