Books About a New Sibling

Adjusting to a new brother or sister can be tough. A new baby sounds like a great idea, but once the squalling bundle comes home, it can be a different story! These books face the issue head-on with humor and a knowing wisdom. For more family-themed books and books for the youngest readers, check out our lists of Books About Families and Best Books for Babies and Toddlers.

Use Your Words, Sophie Poster Image

Use Your Words, Sophie

age 3+

Charming tale of language, welcoming new sibling.

By: Rosemary Wells (2015)
Wolfie the Bunny Poster Image

Wolfie the Bunny

age 3+

A fresh and funny take on new baby in the house.

By: Ame Dyckman (2015)
Behold! A Baby Poster Image

Behold! A Baby

age 3+

Big brother finds special role in funny new-sibling book.

By: Stephanie Watson (2015)
Gwendolyn Grace Poster Image

Gwendolyn Grace

age 4+

Bouncy big sis learns to tone down noise for new baby.

By: Katherine Hannigan (2015)
Lazy Little Loafers Poster Image

Lazy Little Loafers

age 4+

Witty take on babies by one disgruntled big sis.

By: Susan Orlean (2008)
Little Miss, Big Sis Poster Image

Little Miss, Big Sis

age 4+

Big sis loves little sis in sweet new-sibling tale.

Mail Harry to the Moon! Poster Image

Mail Harry to the Moon!

age 4+

Humorous take on a big sibling's jealous feelings.

By: Robie H. Harris (2008)
Group of kids climbing a tree

Welcome to the Big Kids Club: What Every Older Sibling Needs to Know!

age 4+

Factual, funny info book for big kids is full of warmth.

By: Chelsea Clinton (2022)
The Year of the Baby: Anna Wang, Book 2 Poster Image

The Year of the Baby: Anna Wang, Book 2

age 6+

Sweet tale of adopted sibling and her loving older sister.

By: Andrea Cheng (2013)
A child gazing at the moon.

Oh, Sal

age 8+

Wonderful chapter book about new-sibling emotions.

By: Kevin Henkes (2022)