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My Summer of Love

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age 15+

Excellent Portrayal of a Lesbian Romance

I think this film is one of the very few films/TV shows that portray a lesbian relationship so accurately and beautifully. The acting - especially by Emily Blunt and Paddy Considine - was sensational. The relationship between troubled Mona (Natalie Press) and the gorgeous Tamsin (Emily Blunt) was filled with passion and chemistry. Throughout the duration of the film there relationship developed. I loved Mona's brother Phil (Paddy Considine) who I think was great as Mona's reformed brother. Mona is infatuated with Tamsin and sees her as an addiction and soon she is spending every day with her. The ending was amazing not just because there was a huge twist, because it was powerful and a good way to end the film. Because the theme centres around two young lesbian lovers then of course there will be passionate scenes that parents may feel are unsuitable for children to watch. As a part of Tamsin's seductive character you do see her sunbathing topless and there is a scene in which, before she met Tamsin, Mona has sex with an older married man. There is some swearing but nothing that you wouldn't expect from a 15 rating. There is also some violence (which is quite unexpected). Some references to cancer, anorexia and religion are made which could affect some people. There is also a scene with a Oujia board where a girl talks to her sister. I would encourage you to watch this with or without your children as it genuinely is a great film and it stays with you a long time.

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