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Red 2

Sloppy, cartoonishly violent sequel fails to match original.
  • Rated: PG-13
  • Genre: Action/Adventure
  • Release Year: 2013
  • Running Time: 116 minutes

What parents need to know

Positive messages
The movie's general message (aside from revisiting the first movie's notion that older folks are still useful/relevant) seems to be that going on adventures and killing lots of people is just what's needed to spice up a romantic relationship. One character kills for the first time and, though she appears shaken for a moment or two, faces no other consequences.
Positive role models
No worthwhile role models to speak of; the behavior here is childish and without remorse.
The movie's violence is largely bloodless, except for one or two violent martial arts-style fist fights, which leave characters with various bleeding cuts on their faces. Many, many characters are shot and killed, and some are stabbed to death. There are car chases and explosions, and a nuclear bomb goes off that apparently harms no one except its intended target. A character casually disposes of a body using acid and a bathtub.
Couples kiss. Characters also (comically) kiss other people as a means of deception or to get information. In one scene, a character is strip-searched. He's seen shirtless and from the back, with the top of his buttocks just showing. In one scene, a man admires a lady's foot and then sniffs her shoe. The cover of a Penthouse Magazine is briefly shown, in a wide shot, with no nudity. Some sexual innuendo.
"S--t" and/or "bulls--t" is used a few times. Other words include "bitch," "son of a bitch," (and the slangy "bi-atch"), "balls," "bastard," "suck it," "d--k," "damn," "ass," "crap," "goddamn," "oh my God," and "hell."
The movie opens in a Costco, with the Kirkland brand visible in several shots. A can of Pringles comes in handy during a fight. A Papa Johns pizza restaurant provides access to a secret tunnel, and the characters have pizza while they dig. In a secret hideout, a character eats an old Moon Pie, and a can of SPAM is visible.
Drinking, drugs, & smoking
Verbal references to LSD and acid, and characters drink shots of vodka in one scene.

Parents Need to Know

Parents need to know that action/comedy Red 2 is the (disappointing) sequel to 2010's successful Red, and many of the characters (played by Bruce WillisJohn MalkovichHelen MirrenMary-Louise Parker and others) return. Violence is again the main issue, with crazy, explosive, cartoonish action/fighting/shooting scenes throughout. Characters are stabbed, shot, and killed; there are bloody martial arts fights and lots of crashes and explosions. The good guys face no repercussions for any of the violent acts they're involved in. Language is fairly minor, with a few uses of "s--t" and "bitch." Expect some brief sexual references and situations; hard drugs (LSD and acid) are also mentioned, and characters drink vodka in one scene. Commercialism is fairly strong, with several brands featured onscreen.

What's the story?

Frank Moses (Bruce Willis) is now in a committed relationship with Sarah (Mary-Louise Parker). He wants to keep her safe, but she longs for more adventure, and Frank's buddy Marvin (John Malkovich) tries to encourage him to liven things up. Sarah gets her wish with Frank and Marvin suddenly find themselves labeled as international terrorists, with top killers out to get them. These include old friends like Victoria (Helen Mirren), as well as the deadly Han Cho Bai (Byung-hun Lee) and Frank's old flame, Katja (Catherine Zeta-Jones). If our heroes can locate a secret weapon stashed somewhere in Russia, they can clear their names. But this effort depends on finding a scientist long thought to be dead, as well as avoiding gunfire everywhere they go.

Is it any good?

Following up 2010's successful and enjoyable Red, RED 2 has a new director and some fresh cast members, but overall the sense is of a general lack of care. The movie clearly doesn't have much going on, so director Dean Parisot moves things quickly in a vain effort to keep viewers from noticing. The plot jumps back and forth between major cities all over the world with little logic.
The general rhythm also suffers, with great lurches and cheats all over the place. This subsequently affects the performances. Willis tries some aggravated double-takes that are cut short, and Parker's broad performance almost resembles an old-time comic drunk. Only Malkovich slides underneath the movie's messy fabric for some smooth one-liners. But perhaps most disturbing is Red 2's chaotic, cartoonish violence. No one here seems to care whether innocent people die as they go about their quest to save the world.

Families can talk about...

  • Families can talk about Red 2's violence. Why is it so over the top? Does the humor that accompanies it affect its impact?

  • When Sarah makes her first kill, how does she react? What are the consequences of her actions?
  • Did you notice any stereotypes in the movie? How does it portray older people? Are they intended to be role models?
  • How does this sequel compare to the original?

Movie details

Theatrical release date:July 19, 2013
DVD/Streaming release date:November 26, 2013
Cast:Bruce Willis, Helen Mirren, John Malkovich, Mary-Louise Parker
Director:Dean Parisot
Studio:Summit Entertainment
Run time:116 minutes
MPAA rating:PG-13
MPAA explanation:pervasive action and violence including frenetic gunplay, and for some language and drug material

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Teen, 14 years old Written byGaberdoodle July 21, 2013

Awesome Action, Mild Language

I saw this with my cousins and it was a blast! Tons of fun and totally action packed. The following will show you whether or not to see it by each category (1 being the least amount and 10 being the worst amount). Sex/nudity - 3/10 - A man talks to another man about his wife shaving her legs. A man hug another man from behind while on the ground and the other guy says "Is that a stick of dynamite in your pocket?" Catherine Zeta-Jones wears some mildly revealing dresses. A man talks about how sexy a woman is. Byung Hun Lee is shirtless for about 30 seconds. Violence - 7/10 - Lots of gunplay and shooting things up. Often buildings and cars are left in ruins. In one scene, a man kills other men with just office supplies like hanging them with their own rifle strap and pushing giant metal boxes on their heads). Two car chase scenes. Some hand-to-hand action which include kicking, punching, and mild blood. People shoot many, many soldiers in buildings and leave a high body count. There is a nuclear explosion. Constant shooting and explosions. Profanity - 5/10 - One F word (although it is hard to hear), about 5 B words, 5 S words, and lots of "d---" and "h---". Helen Mirren's character cusses a lot. Total - 15/30 - Although it seems low, there is a lot of violence and some profanity. Take your 14 year old, but think about it before your 13 year old.
What other families should know
Great role models
Too much violence
Too much swearing
Parent Written byMusic/Movies July 23, 2013

Sex: 4/10 ~ Violence: 8/10 ~ Language: 5/10 ~ Drinking: 2/10

Sex: *A woman kisses a man with her tongue visible to the camera. *A woman comes up to her ex boyfriend and kisses him with passion *A woman grabs a man she doesn't know and kisses him with passion. *A man and a woman share a goodbye kiss *A man kisses his girlfriend briefly a few times, once on the lips and a few times on the cheeks. *A man tells a woman that there is nothing more sexy than watching her shoot a gun. *A man talks sexually about the way a woman's toes curl and then he smells the inside of her shoe. *A man and a woman plan to lay out under the stars (sex implied) *A woman says that another woman was cleaning her boyfriend's teeth with her tongue. *A woman almost kisses a man but she doesn't. *A man is shown with no shirt on as he goes through a security check. *A woman opens the door when she hears a knock and she lies that she is with somebody. *A woman tried to talk and act sexy to get her ex boyfriend back. *Some women shoe cleavage. ------- Violence: *A bomb blows up a plane and you can see a large explosion in the sky. *A team of people come to kill a man but the man kills almost all of them by throwing things at them, fighting them and shooting them. *There are several car chase scenes where cars crash and explode. *A man's car blows up and he pretends to die even though he is only hurt. *A woman throws a bunch of dead people in her bathtub and pours liquids on them. *A woman says that she has dead bodies in her freezer. *A man shoots and kills a woman. *A woman kills a man for her very first time. *In many different scenes, people are shot, killed and hurt. *A man gets in a fight with his enemy and kicks him and tried to beat him up, but they end up coming to an agreement. *A man kills several police officers by hitting them with a door. ------ Language includes sh*t, bast*rd, balls, b*tck and so on. ----- Drinking: People drink in several occasions but nobody ever gets drunk
What other families should know
Too much violence
Too much sex
Too much swearing
Teen, 16 years old Written byeragondeyja July 24, 2013

Amusing action movie, that lives up to it's prequel.

R.E.D 2 is a really good movie. With it's non stop comic action from the beginning to the end it does not disappoint. The lead characters have given a great performance as usual, making this movie as entertaining or probably better than the first. Anyone of 14 years and above can see this film. There is non stop violence throughout the movie such as a woman making a man gag by pressing his throat with her feet and also a scene involving a woman drowning a man in acid (it must be noted that nothing graphic is shown. Only the writhing of the man's legs are shown). Apart from this, there are continuous gun fights, fist fights, explosions etc. Bad Language is used often in the movie but nothing is too serious. Language mainly includes name calling, scatological references and other mild obscenities. There is only one use of F**k. Otherwise the only offensive language is stereotypical references to russians, french etc. There is slight drinking. Nudity and sexual content is not a problem. There is only one shot of a woman in a bikini and a line or two that are mildly sexual in nature. On the whole, this a great and entertaining movie for people who are of 14 years and above.
What other families should know
Too much violence
Too much swearing
Too much drinking/drugs/smoking