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***SOME SPOILERS*** I watched this movie with my friends when I was around 10 or 11 years old. All of my friends cried when Alice slit her freaking throat. I was a pretty tough kid so it didn't really bother me so I wasn't crying. I think that mature 12 year olds can watch the movie only because there was like, one or two scenes that showed someone's tits. Also, there is a LOT of cursing and blood. However, I think that it's ratings are obscene.

This title has:

Too much swearing
age 14+

Disturbing horror flick is surprising and interesting, yet bloody and unoriginal.

In Satanic, several teenagers on Spring Break are hanging out in LA, California and are on a mission to find several different Satanic locations where popular murders took place in the past. After having a disturbing encounter with a person who worships Satan in a hell-related shop, the four teenagers decide to follow the two crazy man they had the violent encounter with. They follow the two men and end up at a Satanic meeting, where the men threaten a teenage girl named Alice. When one of the teens screams out, saving the girl, the group runs back to their car while being shot at. A few days later, the teens encounter the same teenage girl who happen to pick up one of their dropped phones at the same house they went to follow the two horrifying men. When the girl offers to preform a Satanic ritual and the four say yes, a terrifying incident occurs and now, the four are in extreme danger. What will the four teens have to do to survive and escape the danger of Satan? Violence 4/5: Strong horror violence. Gory suicide via throat-slitting. Blood splatters everywhere and the dead body is seen. Character threatens a teenage girl with a knife. Two characters spit on other characters car's and threaten them violently. Guns and shooting; no one is shot. Character's lips are violently shut. Character's arms are ripped off; bloody. Dead, burned body attached to a roof. Gory dead birds. Dream shows a woman with her stomach sliced open. Jump-scares. Sexuality and nudity 4/5: A teenage girl is shown topless. A teenage girl makes out with two woman than a man. Implied sex between a few couples. A man is shown shirtless. A woman urinates herself. Language 5/5: Extremely strong, constant language includes, "f--k," "s--t," "d--k," "p---y," "c--t," "a--hole," and more. Drinking and drugs 3/5: A few characters get drink and smoke. Overall; this film was not unique or different in any way and did have several dull moments, however, it was quite entertaining and had interesting moments. My rating:R for bloody violence, terror, sensuality and nudity, pervasive language, and drinking.
age 18+

Boring,Not worth it

This showed partial nudity it said here only topless shirt but you could see a womens breasts. The same women was kissing all of the three adults including the other women!!! Theres also this sexual dance then she starts kissing the men then the women it was really boring NOT WORTH IT DONT WASTE YOUR TIME!! Language is strong every single minute

This title has:

Too much swearing
age 18+

Dumb, boring, bloody horror thriller is not scary, nor interesting.

My rating:R for bloody violence, partial nudity, and language.