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Parent of a 8 and 10 year old Written byH2Clark February 15, 2013

Kids laughed out loud

Just watched this with my boys 8 & 10. Great movie for them. Although, they are great readers, they appreciated me reading the subtitles. This was ridiculous enough that they were laughing out loud.
Parent of a 7 and 9 year old Written bykatdog March 12, 2010


Subtitles in the version we rented. Bizarre. Slapstick. Was looking for more realistic martial arts. My son didn't want to watch it at first but got sucked in and loved it, got his little sister to watch it, and now trying to get his friends to watch it. You almost have to see this movie to believe how bad/good it is. Lots of inappropriate behavior.
Adult Written byreubli March 23, 2013

Funny, but a little better for the older kids

Very funny - though lots of slapstick violence and one scene at the end where a man's clothes are blown-off, revealing his fully bare bottom for a moment (it's a funny scene though). Kids were a little grossed out at seeing one character put a pair of clearly worn and stained underwear on his head. Watched by 8-11 year olds; they all loved the movie but with some of slapstick including bottles being broken repeatedly over one character's head and few other unkind acts to "shame" characters, I think it's better for the 10+ set.