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Star-filled sequel has nonstop tunes, mild violence.
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Adult Written by-Disrupt- December 20, 2021

Waste of time, money, and brain cells.

I feel like this movie ate away at my IQ with every second that I viewed it. My 4-year-old daughter even hated it. She said, and I quote, "why do they make more movies when they always just get worse," which I take to mean it's worse than the first. And it is. The first was bad enough as is, don't bother with this.

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Violence & scariness
Parent of a 6-year-old Written bymarlyleigh December 24, 2021

So fun!

We loved it. Colorful and full of music. So much redemption and perseverance. So nice to go on an adventure with our old Sing friends.

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Positive Messages
Positive role models
Adult Written byEcbeer December 22, 2021

Fun Musical!

I took my 8 year old son and we enjoyed it very much. The music and the message of never giving up and being kind was great. We didn’t find it to be too violent or scary.

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Positive Messages
Positive role models
Parent Written byBrian S. January 2, 2022

Fun For Kids and Adults

My 7-year-old son loved this movie. He had seen the original and when he saw the trailer for Sing 2 months ago he said he wanted to see this one.

It had some great music that kept mom and dad tapping their toes and some great messages about overcoming obstacles and perseverance. There was some mild cartoon violence, but nothing that concerned me that my son was going to go out and imitate.

It is a fun film for all of us.

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Positive Messages
Parent Written byHeather Y. December 30, 2021

Highly enjoyable for both me and my kiddo

Great music, good comedy, and I think, good messages about the healing power of music and following your dreams. Yes, there were a couple of scenes of mild violence mentioned, but my kiddo (almost 6) is very sensitive and easily scared, and she was not scared at all during this movie, and loved it so much she wanted to stay until the lights came on after the credits rolled to make sure she didn't miss anything. The bad guy loses in the end, and the good guys win. I look forward to seeing it a second time!

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Positive Messages
Parent of a 11 and 14-year-old Written byAZ_mama December 31, 2021

Loved the music

My daughter (11) and her friends loved this movie. If your family is into music, it’s a movie for you! It’s a cute plot and the celebrity voices delighted me!
Adult Written byFikayomi January 18, 2022

Eye Soothing

It's going to be amazing my advice watch it with your friends and family

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Positive role models
Adult Written byLeslie K. January 16, 2022

We loved this one more than the first!

The whole fam loved this one! We have boys 3rd and 5th grade and both of them loved it. We are big movie people and we loved this movie! It has great messages and cute music. It was surprisingly great for a sequel.

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Positive Messages
Adult Written byAtom 2.0 January 15, 2022

Awesome Mild violence great characters

The movie for what it is surpasses the previous one in a lot of ways. The character development and animation is spectacular and the film itself is a joy to watch a lot of great tunes. But that’s just it, the tunes I don’t think kids will understand but it’s still a great movie joy to watch.

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Adult Written byEnoch January 9, 2022

Fun and Entertaining

Me and my siblings went to go watch it and found it very funny and entertaining to watch. We were not bored once. The only thing I wish they had was a more powerful song at the end like the first one and a more satisfying ending. Other than that 9 out of 10 movie, go see it with the kids

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Positive Messages
Positive role models
Adult Written byEhayward January 8, 2022

Violence and Many Threatening Characters

I can’t believe this movie. So many characters are scary and mean which made my 5 year old frightened and that’s not including the literal attempt at murder 2 times. So unnecessarily scary, they made the bad guys as scary and threatening as possible. In the movie theatre I was holding my son and having him look up at my face so he couldn’t see the screen and he was holding his ears. I nearly walked out of the theatre but he wanted to see the end where it gets better.
Why is murder okay to put in kids movies? And why do movie makers think kids are cool with people shouting at each other and being threatening (even without the attempted murder)? The lion was nasty and got redeemed but was actually just a nasty character when first introduced.
Such a shame because some really nice and funny moments too.

This title contains:

Violence & scariness
Parent of a 5, 10, and 12-year-old Written bydlprunus January 8, 2022

An Opportunity to Cheer!

This was a cute, toe tapping, kids movie. My 12 year old, 9 nine year old and 5 year old all enjoyed it. Not sure what the negative reviews are about-at worst case my 5 year old and I got to cheer at the end when the evil wolf got kicked out. And can't we all use a little "cheer out loud " with our kids right now? It also made me realize I need to listen to U2 again. All good things.
Parent of a 7-year-old Written byErin P. January 7, 2022

Great entertainment & good message

I loved Sing 2! It’s very entertaining and has good messages. It’s inclusive and creative and had my son talking about it and trying new dance moves for days. Like the original, it will be a go-to at our house!

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Positive Messages
Parent of a 3, 6, and 8-year-old Written byAbbierose January 5, 2022

A good one for kids of different ages

The big kids (8 and 6) were divided on whether this was better than Sing, I thought wasn't as great but still good fun. Music, fantastic colours and characters and a few laughs. my 3 year old got bored but not scared so all in all something we could all enjoy.
Parent of a 6 and 6-year-old Written byMacNevin January 4, 2022
Adult Written byLOOKAROUNDPEOPLE January 1, 2022

Sing 2

A little long but overall exciting with creativity.
Adult Written byLkwin January 1, 2022

Loved it!

Went to see Sing 2 for my 11 year old’s birthday. The entire family loved it. The music and choreography is amazing. The storyline is more violent than Sing 1 so be wary of that. There is also adult humor and mild innuendo as with the first movie. My expectations for the sequel were pretty low but this movie exceeded them by far.
Parent of a 5 and 7-year-old Written byDiana G. December 30, 2021

Mature themes, Bedazzled music

Ironically the movie is mostly played out in Vegas where everything is bedazzled but there’s not much depth; just like the movie. Mature themes like death, loss, grief, lying/deception, bullying, and murder. “Mild violence” is how they booked this movie but two attempts for murder are shown, and scared my 4 yo nephew so much he cried in the theater and wet the bed that night. Too much stimulation visually and too intense of scenes for littles.

Music was good because it’s was songs I already knew. Bono character Clay was a stretch. Koala still lying and manipulative but he’s supposed to be the hero.

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Violence & scariness
Adult Written bycmc825 December 29, 2021

Fun & whimsical!

As a parent who adored the original Sing, I think they did a fantastic job with the sequel. It is full of bright colors and catchy pop bops that attract the whole family. I found that there were a lot less innuendo type lines in this one than the first as well. The only thing that bothered me was some of language for my 4 year old which honestly was not bad it was just mostly the use of the word “stupid” but I’ve noticed in more recent times it seems like it’s hard to avoid in children’s movies. I think also, as a parent - I’m probably just being a bit more sensitive to it at the moment considering my 4 year old has just started using it in context towards us in his heated moments but otherwise this is a great movie.
Adult Written byJohanaS December 28, 2021

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Positive Messages