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cute movie. fantasy of course.

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age 15+

I loved this when I was a kid but....

I loved this movie when I caught it on tv when I was a kid. I think because it was a tv version- from what I could remember- it wasn't a big deal. That's u til I watched it with my 11 year old. I felt really uncomfortable with her during the sex Ed class- I felt like she felt incredible uncomfortable too. The part where the main character and her crush get intimate is pretty messed up. It's all "magical' and that's not real life! I think that makes sex look like it's a beautiful moment when in reality a girl wants to kiss but the guy can get pushy. It would've been best if they kissed and he pushed but she said she would prefer to wait. That's the right thing to do. Make sound choices when you're an adult and not a kid in school. I have heard too many bad stories about losing virginity too young. It was fun and silly. It I think older children should be able to, hopefully, understand the huge responsibility it is to be sexually active and truly understand that it is hardly ever magical with a dude you got a crush on! More special when you love someone and have gotten to really know them. Sorry for ranting. I was upset my daughter saw this. I told her it was very unrealistic.

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Too much sex
age 8+

great 80's fun!

This is such a cool movie its funny sweet just a great fanasty and i think kids 8 and up are totally allowed to see it oh i just love this movie so much!

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Great role models