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Animated comedy about sibling rivalry has peril, body humor.
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Parent of a 8, 9, and 10 year old Written byMonique G. March 31, 2017

Funny but more adult humor

I thought there were very inappropriate jokes. I would compare it to watching family guy or American dad with your kids.
Adult Written byJim D. July 30, 2017

Your review stunk....not a movie for Christian families

Thanks for a disappoi ting night and $30 wasted on a DVD. I used your guide to screen for my kids. In a world gone insane, I suppose it's now ok for characters to curse and take the name of the Lord in vain (BTW, that is still a blasphemy for any Christians that still care about the commandments and a mortal sin for Catholics). I winced amd looked at my wife as we weighed whether to keep it running. A few minutes later, they joke about the baby being Baby Jesus. Other sites said this was a religious, but not irreverent joke. WHHHHA? Turned it off. Thought my kids would freak, but they got it. Boy, am I ticked. Let me put this into perspective, lest you think I'm an Amish nut. I'm with DoD. I'm around rough people and rough language all day so I'm no prude. But, I'd rather my kids hear cussing than the irreverence to the Lord God. For some reason, our society has become desensitized to God's name being used as an explecitive. Even pastors do this (????!). Frankly I'm sick of it, and it makes absolutely NO sense in a kids movie of this age range. Throw in a "silly" "joke" about the Baby being Jesus Christ....nope. Perhaps your site may want to consider that using God's name in vain is an offense against the Lord almighty, and pretty much a blasphemy that can send folks to hell. GRADE F

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Adult Written byNikita L. April 2, 2017

Surprisingly I liked this movie

I went in thinking it would be bad (based on reviews). I found it charming. I loved how it focused on kids imaginations. The puppy thing--really? People are so politically offended nowadays--its not that big of a deal. A couple creepy scenes--but I asked my 6 year old later if there were any scary parts--she shrugged that off. Considering i saw parents take their kids to Deadpool--i think rating this above 6+ should really be reconsidered. I got a bit teary eyed at the ending, and the 3D actually was cool in this movie. The Long Island Ice tea reference went over my kids heads- so i didn't really care about that quick scene.

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Parent of a 1 and 4 year old Written bymin f. April 24, 2017

Very cute movie, ultimately about having a new sibling.

I took my 4 year old (nearly 5) to see this despite the parents' reviews saying 11+ (???) and I honestly don't know what those other parents are thinking. This movie was very tame and my 4 year old, who is sensitive about movies and easily scared (we've had to leave theatres before which is why I always check this website first now!), didn't find any parts scary at all. His only complaint was that he didn't get a lot of the jokes (some go over the kids' heads.) Ultimately the movie is about what happens to a kid when they get a younger sibling, and in the end (spoilers) the older sibling and the new baby end up getting along just fine (with lots of hijinks along the way). Lots of bum related humour which is precisely the level of my kid's humour right now.

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Adult Written byJames A. March 30, 2017

Save your Money !

The Boss Baby was a flop. Dry humor and not for children. Another bad movie for listening to Alec Baldwin. Save your money and don't go to the movies to see this flick.
Parent of a 8 and 11 year old Written byTrueMo May 22, 2017

Becareful the clear and unnecessary swear word!

Giving the baby a man's voice is confusing and the opposite of cute. I was shocked to hear what sounded like the word 'f**k' when the boy first creeps up on the boss baby talking on the phone. The creators argue that the word is actually 'fart' but upon hearing it if definitely favors the more ruder offensive words. Why would you insert such an adult home in a cartoon that is aimed for children? And young ones at that. This is not the first time dreamworks had used this, remember the outburst "mother fu" from marty the zebra (Chris Rock) to the giraffe in the original Madagascar cartoon. Sorry but this is all so unoriginal cartoon.

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Parent Written byarifa a. March 31, 2017

kids want fun and this movie have it all

my kids 8 to 19 years old all want some fun time and this movie have it all... if u love to watch ur child laughing and giggling.... u will love this movie... as my kids enjoyed... I enjoy to watching this movie... my inside child is alive and I kept her alive... by enjoying with my kids...
Adult Written byKaren T. May 30, 2017

Not for kids

This movie portrayed parents as TOTALLY unaware of anything going on around the home. Other adults were portrayed as menacing or clueless. All things baby was controlled by all the babies that did not get to be born to a family. The objective of the story was to stop the release of a newest Puppy "version" because it was going to be so cute that people would no longer want to love children but would prefer to love a puppy. That story line was left completely unresolved and when the movie broke down into kidnapping, undefined meaning of "disposing" of the parents who work for the company that creates new puppies and revenge by a ex employee of the baby company I concluded that this was definitely not a movie for children This movie really disturbed me.
Parent of a 9 year old Written byRobin N. April 2, 2017

Better than expected and not offensive

If humor is centered around babies, then there is not a lot you can do to avoid potty talk. That said, the movie was certainly about a lot more than potty humor. The main premise was the adjustment of a big brother to a new baby, and why it can be wonderful to have a brother/friend for life. Another theme is about the importance of family. Who can argue with that? The humor is cute, and expected and Alec Baldwin did a great job as the Boss Baby. The animation was well done, and the two main characters well thought out, but there were a lot of underdeveloped characters and plot lines - not as impressive as other animated feature films. Also, the improbable events were almost distracting given the movie is set in "real life". I laughed out loud a few times and welled up at the end, so found it enjoyable overall. A good activity when you want to see a movie with your elementary age kid.

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Parent of a 3 and 6 year old Written byAnca J. June 23, 2017

Upsetting and not funny!!!

I feel disappointed with the movie as my son really looked forward to seeing this movie but after it finished he got really uspet. The story is very disturbing for young children with siblings as they might not understand it. The fact that the older boy wants to get rid of his baby brother can be miss understood by children! It is not a film I thought it would be so my advice to parents with young children is to give it a miss!

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Violence & scariness
Adult Written byHuma M. April 4, 2017

Waste of money

Boring. Don't waste your money n time.

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Parent Written bymilaf a. April 2, 2017
Adult Written byTash A. April 7, 2017


I loved it! There were quite a few scenes which I found hilarious and there were plenty of young kids in the cinema who were all laughing too, I would definetly watch it again!
Parent of a 2 and 12 year old Written byKris L July 28, 2017

Absolutely fine for younger children

My two-year-old absolutely loves the movie because it portrays many babies and she's at a stage where she loves babies. My eleven-year-old thought it was really funny as well. Not sure why another reviewer said that it was highly inappropriate with negative language and other jokes that are inappropriate for children, but it is in no way that extreme in its content. It is most certainly nothing like Family Guy, The Simpsons, American Dad, or anything of that nature (all of which are rated TV-14 and Boss Baby is rated PG). There are many sarcastic jokes, but not inappropriate. I really would not say that this needs to be shown to somebody 15 years old and older. I am very strict with what my children watch, and I had absolutely no problem with my two-year-old and my 11 year-old watching this. I do agree that there are some jokes here in there that are for parent benefit, but if your child has no clue about what those jokes mean, and they should have no clue if you do shelter your child (and I mean shelter in a positive way, meaning keeping inappropriate things out of there schema, presenting it in appropriate ways at appropriate ages), then it is simply there for parent enjoyment and provides no inappropriate content for a child that has no clue what it could possibly mean. I would not call it the best animated film of all time, but it is cute and was pleasurable for my children to watch. I do think that it gives a very good message of how to accept having a new sibling and the difficulties that can arise especially when the initial child is so much older than the second child. It was really nice for our particular situation as that's the case for us. All in all it's not the most entertaining of movies, but it is definitely appropriate for all children. I would say any age range would enjoy this movie, however a child 15 years or older probably would find it quite boring because it is in no way geared towards that age group. It is a fantasy type movie best suited for children ages 2 to possibly 12. Since my 11 year old is very innocent, and not like most 11 year olds today, she tends to enjoy more younger, childlike movies.

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Adult Written bySandy A. April 4, 2017

Poor storyline

This movie sadly lacked any substance. It had a weak storyline, little dialect that added to they story. It was a lot of chasing each other around. Most disappointing was the rocket ship that appears toward the end. Why is there a rocket ship? How does the character obtains rocket ship? Not explained, like most of the movie. I was very bored about halfway in after I realized all the story that was part of the movie was already given the first 15 minutes.
Adult Written bylovaajesus July 10, 2017

Sad what children's entertainment is coming to...

I work in a movie theater as an usher and during my time taking tickets, I can't remember the last time I saw a group without at least one child in it going to see this movie. From the bits and pieces I've walked in on while I check the theaters, I can see why. This seems like the kind of movie I might like if I was 9 years old. The plot is just so corny,the jokes (among them a really disgusting fake vomit joke) aren't funny, and as someone who loves animals of all kinds, I was actually offended by the way the movie treats puppies. Bottom line? Of course kids ages 9 and under will enjoy this movie, but there are plenty more family-friendly movies out there to watch that everyone will enjoy.
Adult Written byGabriel O. July 27, 2017

HATED IT!!!!!!!

I really hated this movie. It's depressing how the baby controls the parents and the little kid is basically abused once the Boss Baby comes along. The plot is okay but not that good, and it's not very exciting or well-done.
Parent of a 7 year old Written byMrufka x. June 1, 2017

Gross and silly

Nothing worthy in this movie. Pointless, gross, inappropriate for little kids. Some scary parts as well. Lots of disrespectful behavior, hitting, chasing, vomiting, farting and just simply silly movie. My 7 year old handled it fine, went to the movies with someone else, now I watched it with him at home and I only watched a half of it. Couldn't be bothered with more. Fake vomits all over the house, and a man's head locked in the toilet was more the enough in this "kids" movie.

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Violence & scariness
Adult Written byRobert B April 2, 2017

Falls far short of the trailer!

Great for very young children. Your older kids, say ten and up will not be impressed. Only a couple of laugh out loud moments for us parents. I was very disappointed! Alec Baldwin should have gotten a better script to work with.

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Positive role models
Adult Written byJsivaches April 20, 2017

It exists.

It's a movie that exists. I was just sitting through the movie with a neutral expression the whole time. Nothing made me feel anything besides neutral. I'm sure children will enjoy it but we adults might as well watch paint dry.