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Parent reviews for The Deer Hunter

Common Sense says

Epic war drama is extremely intense and graphically violent.
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Parents say

age 16+
Based on 2 reviews

Kids say

age 15+
Based on 2 reviews
Adult Written byFilmFan E February 1, 2019

Intense war drama about how war affects people

The Deer Hunter is a cinema masterpiece that focuses on how war affects individual people and their relationships with others, particularly friends who went with them. In saying that this film is very mature and while certainly not as violent as movies kids watch today it is best watched at an age where these themes can be better understood by the viewer. That's why I recommended it for 16+, however, I would consider it appropriate for 15 year olds as well. The movie gets very intense in the middle and towards the end as main characters take part in Russian Roulette either by force or as a form of gambling. Though the deaths are not too bloody by todays standards these scenes are very intense as the characters at risk are likeable. Overall, The Deer Hunter is an essential watch and though not too graphic I would recommend it for 16+ as younger viewers might not fully understand the themes or be bored by the film's long set up which older viewers will appreciate more.

This title contains:

Violence & scariness
Adult Written bySam Marrick June 3, 2017

A haunting if sometimes indulgent masterpiece.

Every image is crafted with care even when they are unnecessary. But even then alot of it adds to the world shown to us, albiet occasionally heavy handedly and gratuitously. The POW camp, the saigon underworld are truly worlds of thier own, and the contrast with soldiers home life enhances the drama. 30+ words (Not alot for 3 hours). War scenes are not graphic (no straight up combat is ever shown save for a bloodless escape shootout) but are dark such as a Vietcong troop tossing a grenade in a hole that seems to have civilians in it. Russian roulete scenes are intense and one ends bloodily. Track marks briefly shown imply drug abuse.