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Looks can be deceiving

It looked like it was going to be a light romantic take on It’s a Wonderful Life and in a kind of was. The story was progressing along and all very PG -PG13ish when all of a sudden out of the blue the characters are swearing a blue streak without any need to bring development to the story. He’s also thinking of cheating on his beautiful devoted wife. Thankfully, His best friend tells him, he’d be making the mistake of his life!

This title has:

Too much swearing
age 12+

Wow it is good

This movie was great one of those movies where an angel changes your life and you didn’t even expect it.

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Great messages
age 18+

Doing It Well

This isn't a family movie. It is an adult movie about awkward change. A man walks into the life of a woman and two children and begins to tell them he doesn't belong there? He doesn't like their crummy life but there is a fire between Nick and Tia and in the final analysis he even admits he "likes" the kids. A cute rip-off of "There is Something About Harry.
age 11+
Some mild sensuality but not too bad. Older kids should be able to watch it by themselves. Younger kids should watch it with an adult.
age 17+

CommonSense neglected to mention a nude scene and an f***...

We commonsense EVERYTHING before we watch it and love being able to filter our media with We liked the story and the show for the first 40 minutes... until we were startled by a nude scene that CommonSense completely forgot to mention!! The mom is shown dancing very enthusiastically in the shower through a semi-fogged glass shower door- butt crack and nipples were visible. Then, ten minutes later, a f-word that CSM also forgot to mention. Who knows what else CSM didn't tell us about because we turned the show off. So disappointed in the film and especially in CommonSense who we trust to keep our media intake clean.

This title has:

Too much sex
Too much swearing
not rated for age