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Plenty of fake kung fu in fun comedy with toy ninjas.
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Adult Written byG W September 24, 2017

Terrible for Children whose parents are divorced or father not in the picture

We just got out of the new Lego Ninjago movie and I wanted to warn you all how very inappropriate it is for young children, especially those whose parents may be going through a divorce or whose father may not be in the picture. I can honestly tell you that I had considered getting up and leaving once we realized what this movie was about. Story here below, don't read if you don't want the movie ruined for you. ~~~~~ The idea that it's humorous to have a child (Lloyd) who feels hurt and is yearning for his father to show some sort of caring and love for him when his father clearly has no feelings for him and even mocks his pain until ***maybe*** the last 1/8 of the movie is disgusting. I was shocked and incredibly disappointed. A friend of mine who was going through a divorce had her and her children in attendance. That is the reason we did not leave, due to the awkwardness of it and because my son was sitting with their family. But this movie is horrible. I am going to write to the studio about how incredibly insensitive this movie was. Young children watch this movie! 1 out of 2 marriages end in divorce and children are affected. I know! I am a child of divorced parents. I can't fathom why this subject would be the main storyline of a children's movie and with such insensitivity!!! Sorry, I just had to rant and warn those of you who may be sensitive and may not realize what this movie was about. Had I known I would have never taken my children to see it.
Parent of a 8 and 10 year old Written byMelanie J. October 4, 2017

Disappointing LEGO movie

Well the action sequences were pretty amazing and exciting BUT both of my boys and I came out disappointed in the movie. Unfortunately the main characters were constantly putting each other down. Words like, you're stupid. Our children are taught about how to treat friends and we felt that this movie did not portray what friendship is. Both of my boys came out and said they liked the action but that that was it. They were asking lots of questions about why there was such a lot of name calling. Educators spend lots of time teaching our kids to be kind to one another and these friends in the movie were not good friends.
Parent Written byDana N. October 9, 2017
I wish I would have known about this site prior to taking my son to see this movie. I came upon this site while searching for how to contact the LEGO movie producers because I am so upet about the content of this movie. We DID walk out less than halfway through. As an only parent of an 11 year old son whose father is not involved in his life, I found this to be incredibly offensive and insensitive. I was watching my sons reaction, and could see how he was relating it to his own sitation. I couldn't sit there and make him go through this. Most of us take our kids to see a movie to laugh - not to be stressed out. I don't need my son to relate to a real life situation at a kids movie - he has his own reality, and doesn't need to see in on a big screen. And guess what producers and writer of these movies....there's always a happy ending in your movies, and that's just not real life. Shame on all of them.
Parent of a 5, 9, 11, and 11 year old Written byFowlerFan September 25, 2017

Not as good as the series

I enjoy the TV series - I used to watch it a lot with my kids. And this just didn't live up to the TV series, in my opinion. I found the use of actual Lego figures somewhat jarring in the action scenes. It was mildly amusing, but not funny. And there were some scenes that were quite sad (for my 5 year old at least).
Parent Written byGeorge H. September 25, 2017

Kids like the humor, but lacks the depth of the TV series

Like other parents here, I regularly watch the Ninjago TV series with my children, so was looking forward to the movie. My daughters aged 7 and 8 enjoyed the movie quite a bit (especially the giant cat and some of the jokes), but the characters here were not nearly as well-developed as those in the TV series, apparently in an effort to make the appeal of the Ninjago brand more general. Unfortunately they lost a lot of the complex depth in the character relationships in the show. I don't know that my daughters missed it, but I sure did. I'd been hoping for better, since brothers Dan Hageman and Kevin Hageman get story credit on the movie (they're responsible for writing the TV series -- on their own, no less; the film has six screenplay credits and seven story credits). The movie does no harm, but the emotional ambition of the series was missing. And no disrespect to Jackie Chan, he's no Paul Dobson, who's a much better Master Wu.
Parent of a 6 and 8 year old Written byNLHolly October 14, 2017

Dark, shallow, and with a distressing amount of bullying

We love the Ninjago series and I was looking forward to seeing it with my 6- and 8- year old boys. The movie focuses around Lloyd, his feelings about his evil absentee father, and the world making fun of/condemning/bullying him for being his evil father's son. This overarching dark plot is only partially lifted by moments of levity, of which there are many fewer than in the excellent TV series. The theme is complex and mature but in spite of this the movie doesn't have anything approaching the depth of the series. My Lego and Ninjago-worshipping kids gave it a solid shrug, "It was okay." I would have been extremely uncomfortable if I was a single parent watching this with my kids, and my kids had an absent or complicated relationship with their other parent. Also, note that the universe is inconsistent with the series, with a total change in Lloyd's backstory. Not a big deal, but worth being prepared for.
Parent Written byEric N. September 24, 2017

Okay, but not nearly as good as the first two LEGO movies

I took my 7-year old, 10-year old, and one of their friends to the theater for a fun outing. They all LOVE the first two LEGO movies and we expected this one would be more of the same. The kids enjoyed it, but I did not find it nearly as entertaining as the original or LEGO Batman. The gags seemed to be cheaper humor rather than the very clever stuff from the other two films. Your kids will likely be entertained and there is nothing objectionable in the content, but not necessarily anything that truly warrants your time either.
Parent Written byDavid G. September 30, 2017

The Cute, the Fun and the Average

Well thankfully Jackie Chan was there to save the day! There is a broken family story line that runs through the film that some people may be more sensitive to than others. As usual in modern media, the man is written in as the jerk. So it's more "bad man, good woman" in a divorce situation. Otherwise it's fun and no complaints from the kids.

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Adult Written byAngela H. October 1, 2017

Independent plot line, different voices

As Ninjago fanatics, I was disappointed to find that the voices are different for all of the characters. Not one character had their voice from the series. They also had different personalities/quirks/dialogue than the show. They are high school students in Ninjago city and they are secretly the ninjas that continuously save Ninjago from Lord Garmadon. Similar to Power Rangers. An attack happens and they all ask for a bathroom pass, then climb into their "Meccas" (Giant machines that they fight inside, similar to power ranger zords). The main plotline is the tension between Lloyd and Garmadon. Everything that happens is centered around their struggle as a broken family. It's sweet and has a few moments that are endearing, but they also use the word "butt" way too many times. There were a lot of silly/funny moments that the kids loved, but they were no where near the depth that we have grown to expect from the TV Show. Personally, Sensei Woo was the worst. Even as a fan of Jackie Chan, I found it very difficult to decode what the heck he was saying because his accent was so thick (and his talking through a bearded lego so I can't read his lips). Also, nothing Woo said was actually deep or inspiring. Just a few things to help tie the plotline together. I really wanted this to be amazing. I LOVE Ninjago with my children. I don't understand why they would change so much?????? They cheapened it heavily.
Adult Written byGrace R. October 14, 2017

Forget the show, and this movie is great (the biased review of a Garmadon lover)

This movie is great to see with another lego ninjago fan. After garmadon died in the show i needed more garmadon, and this is it! his relationship with lloyd was my fave in the show, but the movie really showed their relationship better and had a lot of heart warming scenes to the point my girlfriend cried. had a good sound track too. However liking the show is crucial to enjoy this movie, out of the whole theater it seemed that only myself and GF enjoyed it the most and we laughed the most etc, so my suggestion, watch the first 4 seasons before seeing this movie.

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Parent of a 1 and 4 year old Written byNick B. October 6, 2017

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Violence & scariness
Parent Written byJill G. October 1, 2017


Everything about this movie was awkward. The stunt casting was for the most part awful. I don't know why they couldn't have used the series cast. One of Jackie Chan's first lines in the movie is "forget everything you already know" in a not so subtle way telling the audience that the movie has nothing to do with the television series. If you're a fan of the series, you'll likely be disappointed with this movie as an adult. My daughter enjoyed it, but was upset going in that it wasn't the series cast voicing the characters. On the car ride to the theater she wouldn't stop talking about how Jay is "socially awkward" in the movie. I noticed there wasn't much in the way of friendship between Cole, Jay, Kai, Nya, and Lloyd and they didn't really work together as a team. The whole movie felt very formulalaic and Warner Brothers made it just as a money grab based on the popularity of The LEGO Movie and The LEGO Batman Movie.The LEGO Ninjago Movie just fell flat.
Adult Written bylucien g October 2, 2017

Fun for parents too.

I found it to be really funny, while dealing with a bit of a serious but real subject matter. My 5 year old loved it, the younger one didn't have much of an attention span half way through. No weird spiritual stuff, and lots of fu.
Parent of a 10 and 12 year old Written byHendo H. U December 25, 2017

You kidding me?

I used to watch the show and play with the toys with my kids. But this is just disappointing, the main villain is a real life cat, and all the LEGO movies get more and more about friendship and family!

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Parent of a 17 and 18+ year old Written bynuenjins January 7, 2018

Vague lego charecters step up to the plate.

Just watch it. if you are overly sensitive to divorce it may touch a button, but that's it. This is not the headache that was LEGO Batman but it IS all inclusive and perhaps even more action packed than the original. Perhaps without the novelty of being the first or having a nostalgia driven charecter the movie suffers more harsh criticism, but this is an overall worthwhile watch with nothing more offensive than your run of the mill Disney flick. In short, don't believe the hype, if you liked either of the 2 previous films, turn off your brain, sit back and enjoy this Power Rangers rip off quirky mess in all it's dumb glory.
Adult Written byAhmed A. December 27, 2017

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Parent of an infant, 3, and 13 year old Written byCarly L. December 20, 2017

Funny Movie for young children.

Very funny, my son had a huge laugh watching this movie. We saw this in theaters and he laughed his head off. Even though my kids father is gone (not dead, mean and doesn't care) my son still had a good time. My daughter liked it as well. Even though she's older, but it did kind of make fun of the original Ninjago. Still good movie.

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Adult Written bySamuel M. February 7, 2018

Doesnt completely match with ninjago

THIS MOVIE IS TRASH! every character has the wrong weapon. The movie doesn't complete the full story line of the actual show, SERIOUSLY, Nia wasn't a ninja when Garmadon was around SHE WAS SAMURAI X. also LOYD AND EVERYONE ELSE WASN'T IN SCHOOL, WHY DOES ZANE LOOKS LIKE THE TITANIUM NINJA. Damm.... who created this movie, they must of not watched the entire 8 seasons of Ninjago.
Adult Written byTeamTomich4 February 19, 2018

The show is MUCH better

My kids and I love the show. This version is not as good. Lots of bullying and the Ninjas just aren't as caring/confident in each other as they are in the show. The absent father plotline is sad and can be disturbing for kids in the same situation. Funny parts for adults but very lacking in the life lessons taught by Sensi Wu and learned by the Ninjas in the show. My kids still seemed entertained but haven't asked to watch it over and over again which is fine with me.
Adult Written byAzariah D. February 19, 2018

Learning the ways of a ninja. Great messages about teamwork, family and friends.

Amazing Film for young kids and older.

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