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It is the worse thing ever created in every mutiverse in every timeline and in every planet.

This movie revolves around Zlatan, the protagonist, who is one of the best football players in the world. El grosso is the main antagonist of the story, who is a scientist with a goal to become the best soccer player in the world. He created a slug that would turn professional football players into monsters and would take away their proficiency in football and give it to El grosso. El grosso's first victim was zlatan and put him behind chains after gaining his abilities. He then cuts off zlatans ponytail and attaches it to himself, turning into a powerful mutant with more skill than zlatan. There are also four side characters named Kieran, Madison, Tania and Arnie, who essentially serve as a sidekick to Zlatan. They free Zlatan and turn him back into a human and train him to become a professional football player, helping him to regain his proficiency in football. In the meantime, El grosso sets off other slugs to turn more talented football players into monsters. In the final act, Zlatan and the four kids then challenge El grosso and his victims to a football match. The ponytail attached on El grosso then turns into a giant creature (for some reason). Zlatan, the kids and El grosso then teamed up to defeat the monster and eventually win the battle. After watching this movie all I felt was confusion. There are many aspects of the movie that were objectively bad. The animation was very outdated and not up to par with most animations these days. The plot First of all, the plot was rather confusing, and it still felt very rushed. The movie had a runtime of 73 minutes. As a result of this short runtime (as compared to other movies) the entire plot of the movie was compacted into such a short time that everything felt like it was being shown to us without any explanation. There is also not a single moment of genuine emotion shown or felt in the movie. The “comedy” in the movie was very childish. The bulk of the humor in the movie was made up of fart jokes and lowbrow humor. There are no clear messages or themes in the movie. The movie was clearly made to entertain, but unfortunately it absolutely fails to do so. There are also no likable characters or really anything in this movie that was slightly enjoyable. The character, Tania was an absolute pain to watch. The only thing that she ever spoke of was fart jokes and annoying affection for a celebrity that constantly put her in danger and nearly getting killed time and time again. That was her whole personality. Every time she spoke I felt like vomiting and jumping down a building. To describe the movie, it was an incoherent, nonsensical mess punctuated with fart jokes. This is just a blatant Space Jam rip-off but with less famous athletes, no established characters, and sub-standard animation. Even so, I feel that the movie still had its good points. The children in the movie can act as good role models for the children watching. Them helping Zlatan can teach viewers to be brave and courageous, after all they were facing an evil scientist who can turn people into monsters.This shows children that even they can make a difference and be helpful to others no matter how young. The children characters also show that they should earn their skills instead of stealing it from others like what the villain did, and even helped Zlantan train back into a professional football player. The movie also showed that teamwork helps solve problems when El Grosso, Zlatan, and the four children worked together to defeat the ponytail monster
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This was the funniest movie in 2022, 10/10 there are good references in it and the characters were played well

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This movie is honestly really weird, a little too scary for kids, and I'm pretty sure whoever wrote this was high while writing half of it. The movie doesn't connect very well and makes little to no sense at times. It's a sad excuse for a kids villain movie and I would not recommend.