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Eye-opening docu charts social media dangers, offers advice.
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Parent of a 10-year-old Written bythillinbc September 19, 2020

Excellent discussion-starter

A shocking look inside the world of social media from the perspective of the people who designed and led that industry.

The film shows interviews with these tech leaders and fleshes out their points by dramatizating the impacts of social media on a fictional, typical family.

Viewers see how AI-driven algorithms designed to increase engagement are not just delivering customers to advertisers, but manipulating human emotions with an intensity that our relatively unevolved minds just can't withstand.

The negative outcomes seem familiar to us all: increasing social polarization, increasing disconnect and increasing mental distress, especially for youth. These impacts are enough to make you want to log off social media for good.

We can't stay blind to our role in the matrix and continue to assume that the originally benevolent reasons that led to creation of these companies will have a good outcome for humanity.

Near the end of the film, tips are given on how individuals and society can take back control. Execs are shown discussing how none of them let their children access social media. One expert suggests limits be placed on the amount and type of data these companies capture.

We can't stay blind to our role in the matrix and continue to assume that the originally benevolent reasons that led to creation of these companies will have a good outcome for humanity.

Think critically about the film and how social media impacts the actions of individuals and society, then consider what you might do differently.

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Parent Written byappsmom September 15, 2020

This is very important information to be aware what social media is.

It is a pretty scary look at what social media actually is. I think it was pretty scary and the end credits are worth watching on what a user can actually do. I don't think kids can change habits of not using apps they already use but it might open their eyes if they are mature enough to understand the message. Regardless of where we point the finger it is important information. What got me is the middle school tween self harm and suicide numbers. This hits home and I know so many other families who are like us and going through this devastating worry with their kids and how they handle the social pressure and self awareness. I was brought up with the FCC and movie rating systems and now it's all out the window with the internet. Why is youtube kids running pharmaceutical ads for ED and depression medication? The truth is every major internet business knows their audience and how old they are. There is no excuse not to find a solution to protect kids 0-18! My question is HOW do we contact Google, Netflix and the major players to make the change? WHAT do we do?

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Parent Written bySandrine P. September 27, 2020

Must watch

Crucial to watch this especially if you envisage giving your kids access to social media and to phones.
It is also crucial for us adults to help us make informed decisions.
My kids loved the documentary.

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Parent of a 10 and 13-year-old Written byJackro10 September 27, 2020

Excellent documentary

This is a must watch to bring awareness to these important social media issues. Highly recommended and I hope it helps bring positive change.

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Parent of a 11-year-old Written byfilmjunkie8356 September 21, 2020

Great Documentary, only for tweens and up though.

I think that this is a great documentary, however it doesn't really show any violence. It's fine for 10 and above because there is some heavy stuff like bullying discussed in this film. If your kids are on social media, or you're just a parent that wants to know more about social media, this documentary is a good place to start.

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Adult Written byZandM's mom October 24, 2020

Definitely worth watching

I highly recommend watching "The Social Dilemma" if you or your children use Google, youtube, facebook, twitter or Instagram. Watch the trailer and you will be hooked (it's eye-opening). Although technology can be great and wonderful and teach us things and bring us together, there is a huge darkside to this same technology. HUGE. And we are not even aware of it... I just watched the documentary with my 15 year old son. It is an hour and half long... a little dry in the beginning but it gets better as it goes along. And afterwards my son and I talked for another hour and a half about the documentary. My son even ignored his friends who were messaging him on the xbox to come play some online game with them to have a conversation with his mom about social media and google and its effects on people (and politics and democracy). Maybe I should have written that in capital letters... MY SON IGNORED HIS FRIENDS TO TALK WITH ME FOR AN HOUR AND A HALF AFTER WATCHING THIS VIDEO. That in and of itself was worth the 9.99 I paid to get Netflix for a month just so I could watch this video. I have a daughter in middle school and even though I don't think this video is inappropriate for her, I'm not sure it would hold her attention. Trying to decide if I should watch it with her or wait a few years... I'll probably wait until she starts high school.

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Adult Written byKmbeem October 20, 2020

Good but show the real world

This is a pretty good doc about the concept of the internet watching us and controlling us. It’s a good documentary but could of been presented in a different way in what I mean I left feeling guilty and depressed about it. Good but could of brought a bit of positivity
Parent of a 11-year-old Written byEsin P. October 3, 2020
Adult Written byGOODREAD PARENT September 23, 2020


Great movie must watch.

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