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Adult Written bycallofduty5 April 20, 2014

Great horror anthology homage, but only for older teens!

Having seen V/H/S, I decided to take a look at it's sequel V/H/S/2. The movie tells you about a pair of private eyes who take on a look for a missing student. They go through a load of VHS tapes to find clues for this student. Parents, be advised that this movie is heavy on violence, sex and language. You'll find detailed descriptions for the horror stories. Phase I clinical trials: A man starts to see weird stuff in his house after he has been embedded with a prostetic eye. There are lots of jump scares, some blood, an eye mutilation and also a sex scene which isn't really graphic but you'll see bare breasts. A ride in a park: A zombie- kinda story where a man is attacked by a group of zombies and we'll see what happens after he gets infected. If your kids have seen zombie-films this one shouldn't be too bad. Lots of gore (intestines ripped out, lots of innards) and a fair amount of bloody/gory scenes. Safe Haven: Really violent, an Indonesian doc. crew makes a documentary about an Indonesian cult group. Really well made segment but extremely violent and gory. A pregnant woman is dismembered and killed, lots of gory headshots, brutal melee scenes (As typical with Gareth Evans's The Raid film). Definetly watch this before you let your kids see it. Slumber party alien abduction: Funniest segment, not so violent but animal lovers might get upset of the dog's death. In this part kids play pranks on their older sister until an alien abduction takes place. Feel free to judge/agree with me. I don't care. But this one should be ok with teens aged 15+, the sex and language are not an issue. With violence it can be hard to watch in some scenes, but mostly it should be fine for teens, mature teens. Rated 15+ For Strong horror violence, blood and gore,strong horror themes, strong sex scenes and nudity, coarse language.
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