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By Jeffrey Anderson, Common Sense Media Reviewer

age 18+

Poor quality + strong violence against women = skip.

Movie R 2015 96 minutes
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A Lot or a Little?

What you will—and won't—find in this movie.

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age 16+

Inept, lifeless, toothless, lurid Westworld ripoff.

This movie makes no sense on any level whatsoever. Poor world building, boring characters, bad dialogue, tedious action, ham handed messages and NO LOGIC! Why bother with millions of dollars in robots when you can have virtual reality which is alot more timely. Even then this movie is half-@$$ed pandering to the anti video game crowd. Why does everthing vice ofdwrs have to be crime? Cant it also be vacatoon simulator ala Total Recall or That one scene from Minority Report. Since its already ripping off so much why not do those too? Even then the movie ditches satire 30 minutes in and becomes a generic as can be chase flik. Despite all the moralizimg of "not getting enough" and taking violence into the real world (which has tested more as a fallacy than an argument on multiple occasions) in Vice a character is a total scumbag even tho he says he deosnt even like the place, undermining that point instantly. On the matter of moralizing, the protagonist temains unlikable even as he goes on about the evils of vice. Why the hey is he so malicious with the guy protecting the girl. Wouldnt be comunicative help with both of his goals of fonding her and ending vice? He loves to spout unfunny and mean spirited (he makes fun of loving a robot despite getting all defensive of a robot hooker vice lets get abused) one liners that make him look more like a stupid kid trying to channel thier favorite action stars rather than a gritty hard boiled lawman. The intro to the female lead and her best friend is laughable, forced, rushed and uncovincing ("thus church symbolises that you are the light in my darkness" [or some crap like that] *GAG*). Bruce Willis phoning it in what a surprise at this point. The film is full of lazy clunky tell dont show exposition that only makes sense to pad this crapheap out to 90 minutes. The scientist who created the female leads escape plan makes no sense either. Cant they just drive out of town. How did Willis get that so called AI (which is illegal in this world) license. How did The scuentist program those flashes into her head if Vice took her immediately after the licensing. Also him appearing in vice made NO SENSE as he would have been blacklisted an they woulf have found his nerd cave in the church but apparently no one goes to church when they play video ga- i mean are living in a dream (an actuall F---ing line in the film) . Also we dont care about his death as all time that could have been used to show the relationship is wasted on exposition that wouldnt even get a passing grade in screenwriting 101. The action scenes are no better. Lacking logic and visual finesse. The camera work is either uninteresting or all rotaty with no rythem just to keep the audiences newly contracted ADD from drifting them away. In a hilarious moment of idiocy, a strike team commander stops in a parking lot after losing visual of his target and gives a pretentious "caged bird sings" as if the target hasn't run away by now via the staircase that is staring at the viewer in every freakin shot! This "villian" has no significance past this scene nor is he seen again despite not dying. Everything else is generic running stoicly and shooting every now and then. In another prifoundly dumb scene the female lead shoits a guy with an unsilenced weapon and walks in thru the front door (despite us being told how tight security is in this place) walking past ignorant workers (not even any scanners or metal detectors or freakin gaurds!) Into the CEOs office on THE FIRST FLOOR!! Then the movie has the gall to ripoff Robocop when she has a "Dont kill the boss failsafe". Also if The cop is so concerned with bad stuff comming out of vice to hurt the real world how is just making the bots all go haywire a good strategy?! This D bag even beats up a low level scientist who doesnt even have clearance to what he wants but MAGICALLY he gets the job done afterwards. Thats not even bringing to mind that after one assault there is EVEN LESS SECURITY when he just starts firing into the air! Also that throwaway line about Vice owning tax revenue or some artificial stakes nonsense apparently means nothing or else out "hero" just bankrupted the whole city. They dont even try to make it seem as if Willis is trying to lower property values with releasing psychos out of Vice. He just sez "Aint it cool" like some hokey cartoon villian with no motivation. Pointless characters form the "hacker" who nerds out for no reason for seeing a robot and has no releveance of closure but for expositionary padding as well as the token police chief who is annoyed by his loose cannon colleague cuz thisnmovie is a cliche piece of crap that adds nothibg to what it steals from. Does this directors' rich parents fund his crap? What does the guy have againts poor Bruce Willis too? 14 F words 1 mumbled C sucker word. Grinding and scantly cald patrons in a club, sex moans, a dancer with superfake bosoms is scene for several moments in one scene. A robo prostitute with a bloody face after savage beating from a customer. Shootings (once seen over and over via flashes) that are mostly bloodless except for two killings with little trickles. Robot surgery with some blood looking fluid.

Is It Any Good?

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Director Brian A. Miller and star Bruce Willis previously gave us the terrible The Prince, and now they're back with this equally terrible entry. VICE steals ideas from movies like Westworld and The Purge but doesn't add anything fresh. It seems bent on showcasing nasty violence against women, and it doesn't matter that they're robots and that the good guys are outraged; the violence is still there, and the movie can't seem to get enough.

Besides being morally questionable, the movie is poorly made. The dialogue is painfully clunky and overly explanatory, and the actors -- whether newcomer or veteran -- can't make it work. Jane's performance is like a parody of acting, and even Willis seems distressingly awkward, speaking his villainous plans out loud. The plot moves in disconnected fits and starts, and the action is sub-par. Be virtuous and avoid this Vice.

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