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CGI update has mayhem, laughs, and some edginess.

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This show has nothing but a negative effect on one of my students. He comes into class and starts pushing people and throwing paint all over the classroom and makes fun of the special needs class and when I asked why he was doing it he said he got it from this show when it was on Nick Jr. I sat down and watched it and I'm disgusted. This show clearly teaches kids that Bullying, Talking Back, and being Messy is OK. Don't let them watch. Disney offers much more suitable programs for kids.

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Too much violence
age 8+
Nickelodeon's show Alvin and The Chipmunks show First order of business the girl's strange living situation I can understand Dave not being able to care for all 6 Chipmunks but why did he dump the girls into the neighbor's abandoned property instead of finding an adult to care for them This is very strange clearly the girls aren't old enough yet to be living without an adult This is very irresponsible of him They're not technically his children but if he couldn't care for them He should have took the time to find a another adult to take them It feels like nobody wants them Why the big rush to push them out their own Dave himself was ready to move his son's across town one of the main reason was because his son's were complaining that the girls were always at their house bugging them He didn't think twice about moving the boys away from them if it was going to make them happy so clearly he would dump them in a minute The episode known as Independence Day The ending is really badly done we can see right though it It's obvious to most why these girls were dragged into this yard after school so that Dave could prove to this sons that they were allowed to play in his backyard and the girls weren't It's clearly the only reason the girls were there If Dave was supposed to be interacting with the girl's He clearly had no interest in anything they were doing but he liked what his son's were doing so he actually cared about that After his son's run off to go play with it the girls were standing right next to him but he still just igroned them He could have given them a high five or he could just laugh with them something but he seemed to have all day to give his son's all the attention they wanted but he doesn't give the girls the time of day plus these boys look like they are getting a bit old to have their teenage girlfriends playing nurse maids to them It's like having a set of boy and girl twins and telling the boy twin go enjoy playing over there and telling the girl sorry I need to use you to stand in the yard so my son knows he can play with that and you can't They even try use the fact that girls have emotional feeling to try and make them feel like they shouldn't want to play there after all its not a girls place to still want to play there at this age she is too old but if she was boy of the same age they would build a place for her to do just that Huge stereotype here and if the girls lived with their own adult this won't being turned into an issue to begin with This clearly isn't the girl's job to have sacrifice being a kid for the sake of Dave's son's Clearly Dave is only using the girls to earn brownie points with his boys with zero regards to the girls' true feeling They have to stand at attention and watch his son's play on it in front of them while they brag to the girls about how much fun it is to play with and listen to the boys say how their life would be miserable if they had to give up doing this after school than turn around and say sorry girls because of your gender and strange living situation your the ones who can't while the girls side is being reminded by Brittany to remain peaceful and quiet This is not attracting female viewers to want to watch this show it's doing just the opposite it's causing a girl viewers to become very frustrated and your only watching it from a tv set I mean honestly, who would put this in the yard and make their daughter who is the same age as their son stand there like that This is just flat out wrong Even if the girls can't play on it, why you are making them stand in the yard while the boys who are the same age as the girls play there We can see that the girls are being used as a pawn to make sure the boys know they can play with it and the girls can't The girls aren't being treated very nicely here and it is wrong to do this them regardless of the reason for it It makes no sense why the girls are even there They were missing from the rest of the episode why do they suddenly arrive now Just give them some parents and show them living like normal kids their age Why such the rush to grow up slow down and let them be their age They appear to be trying to pull off an adult joke that men are like children that never grow_up so they can use the excuse that the girls have to help Dave care for other children by giving the boys a more kiddish version of the Treehouse the girls live in because the boys still have the availability to play after school and the girls have lost there's if you look around the girls treehouse there is nothing in it that represents a kid their age expect maybe the Zipline and the comforters on their beds everything is for an adult unfortunately for the writers this isn't making girl viewers want to help Dave do anything it's you making you want to go over and play with your friends which you now have give up doing because of your responsibility to help Dave care for other children who are not only teenagers but your own age The writers reaction that if the girls give this to three male children their age and watch them happily playing on it in front of them it will help them feel better about loosing the ability to do this isn't helping anything The push from the writers that you should have already grown up and moved out living in an adults world so now they need to try and explain the girls strange living situation by telling them they have to give up playing after school to help raise children and quickly become an adults the writers may have pushed girl viewers to far with this decision and what happened to these girls being the boys girlfriends wasn't that the original idea for them being there in the first place and that there was a girl band who competed against them What happened to their adoptive mother Miss Miller She is clearly still shown on the show so why don't the girls live with her anymore Dave walks off on the girls during daddy/daughter dance Again it's understandable that Dave isn't really the girls parent so he isn't required to take them anywhere and I guess if he truly wanted to leave in the middle of the dance he is welcome to since he isn't actually their parent but it's the same treatment of the girls as before if you don't want them just dump them the good news here is we see the boys step up and jump in to make sure the girls aren't hurt by this it shows they are better than their dad who is constantly dumping them away and using them for stuff The girls act like they are used this from Dave and go join another girl and her dad like Dave never left Why didn't they just let the other girls' dad take them to begin with so they could have a good time and we didn't have waste this time with Dave since he clearly wasn't interest in taking them to begin with which is fine nobody would have thought less of him for saying he couldn't take them This was a completely wasted episode which could been one of the best ones they ever done Like always the girls get dumped by Dave and the entire circle starts over again I am sorry but the way treat the girls is just plain sad I am sorry for people who disagree but this Theodore kid is a spoiled brat He is clearly Dave's favorite He gets whatever he wants He gets his brother Alvin to take the rap for anything he does and he laughs when it gets away with something He is almost always the center of attention He was cute at first but as the show went on it just started to become more annoying by the minute They even go as far in one of them to dress him up like baby so Alvin can impress some girl He basically can't do much of anything Everyone babies and spoils him rotten and he acts like a brat not the same Theodore we remember in fact he probably acts more immature than in the 80's cartoon when he was supposed only be like 8 years old or something

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