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Wonders of animalia

Great tv show about a pair of kids called Alex and Zoe who stmblw upin a portal in a library which leads them to a place called animalia of which is run/occupied by talkimg animals. It is fun and educational it has many life lessons about communication friendship manners. It has slightly mild creepy moments in season 2 but nothing too bad that slightly older kids say 8 and up wouldn't be able to handle.

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Great messages
Great role models
Too much violence
age 5+

Perfect for a 5 1/2 + boy

My son started watching the show at 5 1/2. He loves it. I think it is the fantasy part that he loves. All these animals who talk, have opinions, feelings.... He especially likes Livingston the Lion (the head of Animalia) and all the problems with the core. He also loves when the animals are silly and tell jokes! There are a few episodes that he says scare him, usually the ones with "The Creeper". We just skip those episodes. My son just turned 6, so maybe he'll want to start watching all the episodes. I love that it's about 20-25 minutes long, and on our PBS station there are no commericals with it. I've watched it with him so many times, that now I'm happy to just put it on and let him watch it by himself, while I make dinner. I've been able to take peices of the Animalia story line and use it in things that happen in his day to explain why one of his friends may have felt hurt, disapointed, mad.... when he just couldn't understand why things weren't going well with his friend.
age 6+

Love this show

Our PBS station had this show on for about 6 months. My 6 year old loved this show. However I am not sure that all 6 year olds will get this show with its complex vocabulary. That said, it is entertaining and engaging and it teaches the afore mentioned vocabulary. I am disappointed that our PBS station decided to remove this show and replace it with something else. I hope to find it on DVD.
not rated for age


I just saw it for the first time today with my nephew. We both liked it alot.