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Boys Over Flowers

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age 9+

Super Cheesy Disney-esque Staple to add to your Feel Good Collection

This is the drama that got me started on my K-drama kick because of how clean and uplifting a lot of the shows are (on a media discernment journey (Christian)). Very Disney Channel-esque. If you think you have a concern, this is so squeaky clean that Nickelodeon's Victorious is more racy than Boys Over Flowers will Ever be. Of course, it is a drama- so there will be lots of highs and lows. The part I love about the female lead and this series is that she always perseveres and that life isn't all sunshine and roses like in Western Hollywood media. There will always be bad out there, but forgiveness and friendship overcome the worst of woes and this sends a positive message about how to get through hardships.

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