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Three witchy women flirt and fight evil; teens OK.

TV WB Drama 1998
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Three sisters gain powers when they discover they are in a long line of witches. They try to navigate life and 'the greater good' with a primary focus on the importance focus of family and being a female.

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A letter to the enchanted(message to charmed)!

Greetings! As One of the fans, and I would like to thank everyone (directors, actors, producers, and everyone who participated in the series charmed), as well as those who created the series charmed. And I would like to tell you how the series was supposed to develop in order, and how much could be passed through it to people.( I hope that both the creators and the actors will be able to read and understand what I would like to convey) After all, the series can change a lot in people's lives, because emotions are transmitted through it, which help in all aspects of life. Yeah, so, let's go from the top. 1. 1. In the First Season, the disclosure of the characters (three sisters) is well felt who have their own life, their own vision of the future and their own individualism. Also their relationship that changes to each other with each episode (getting closer to each other). And how they are united in common – not only as sisters, but also as witches. And the fact that the girls had their own keeper. Their heritage is also well distributed (A house full of its secrets – A Book of Mysteries left to them by their ancestors. You can also see that they have a responsibility when receiving a gift. It is also worth noting various references to their past life, their experiences and empathy for others and the opportunity to help people, as well as their origin (roots). As well as the ability to deal with their fears and correct their mistakes without dropping their hands. It's nice to see that there are those who watch them and help them in their magical and ordinary life (with advice - deeds).And that although there is a struggle between good and evil, but a demon can also become good and change his fate. As for the heroines themselves , that and they may be prone to evil . (Faith in each other and in oneself saves and those who surround them). A. The topic of Demons is also very interesting and diverse.(Abilities -Characters-Aspirations). B. The theme of the abilities of the characters is also at the level (the acquired abilities are trying to study - develop - apply as needed)and the fact that they become an integral part of their lives. C. The theme of the enchanted themselves also develops well with each series (Origin-What kind of abilities – their Development)As well as their legacies ! 2. There is character development in Season 2, as well as their connection to past and future incarnations. Also, their meetings with other magical beings, and their daily life is not missed, at one time shows how they cope not only as witches but also as ordinary sisters. One can also see the disclosure of the secret of their mother's death. And the fact that there is a possibility of revealing them as witches. And also their meeting with a strong enemy, such as the horsemen of the apocalypse. In general, it helps to understand their world more and more. 3. Important!!!! In the Third Season, the beginning of the season is well thought out again, we see a new demon who is half human and, trying to end the enchanted, falls in love with one of them like she does with him, which is just a great development of the plot (Love , Faith, Hope) and his struggle with his demonic part, and also the meeting of the enchanted with new enemies and other magical creatures that protect this world from evil. The theme with the development of the relationship of the Middle sister (Piper) With the keeper (Leo) is also an excellent development starting from the second and downloading with the Wedding in the third Season (although their story could still be developed but with the same result). But the demonization of "Cole Turner" is going through the roof, it was possible and necessary to show his steadfastness and faith. And what is also fatal is the death of one of the sisters (the elder Prue), it’s not only about the actress - although she also tried to aggravate everything, but the director also has a place to be, it was necessary to negotiate with the actress, and she had to moderate her temperament and not to forget both that they do it not only for themselves, but for everyone who will watch the series (they also have their own feelings and emotions) and in the end it was possible, when introducing a new sister, to leave a place for Prue (Shannen Doherty ) - After all, the development of the plot could have been made more interesting and intriguing. Yes, and the ending is also very negative - supposedly evil has won, and you are not shooting horrors, but a magical series that children also watch !!! 4. And Here is the Fourth Season - Fifth - Sixth - Seventh - Eighth Season Can be described as moments!!! Pros and Cons in the Development of the Storyline of the Series!!! + A. The emergence of new magical characters, with their history and purpose. B. Appeal to different types of cultures on magical creatures. C. The development of the plot as an influence from the past on the present. D. The appearance of new strong enemies, friends, and simply creatures using the power of magic. E. The ability to experience positive characters in the role of negative ones and vice versa. F. The use of the culture of ancient Greece and their times and magic in the modern world. G. The use of Timeless Anomalies and Spatial Shifts in the series. H. Taking historical events with their history and putting them together in a series. I. The emergence of new characters to help the sisters. J. The development of the sisters' love and family history (although not completely). K. The diversity of the world of magic. L. Transformation of heroes. M. The influence of the surrounding world on them. (Understanding by others). N. A timeless paradox in their lives and the lives of their loved ones. (With possible endings). - A. Poorly disclosed storyline of Cole and Phoebe. (Main characters). B. Conducting constant Battles with demons without a story or explanation. (Not in all series, but often found). C. Life with a non-stop style (although the meaning of being is lost). D. Often occurring stupidity of characters in completely understandable and often not simple situations. E. Rather incomprehensible transition from evil to good and vice versa (explanations: from love to hate vice versa). F. Premonition that everything is written under one clear line and not with a choice. G. Quickly forgotten old characters of the series (without even mentioning with references). H. The under-covered world of magic and the rest of the world with development. H. Little use of different cultures in the world of magic (ancient, from other countries). I. The family and magical life of the main characters is poorly developed. J. There is no possibility of a good ending for most of the main characters! K. Little faith in yourself and your strength. L. Often Poorly thought out storylines. M. It is not enough to use joint magical and simple efforts in the fight! N. An incompletely disclosed timeless paradox in their lives (development of choice). By the seasons!!! Season-4! The development of the plot after the loss of one of the Charmed Ones greatly shocked everyone. Although this season there is a further development of enchanted and new magical creatures, there is also some pessimism in the fact that they made Cole so bad (demonized) and the disclosure of a new character (third sister) has not been worked out either. Of course, it's nice to see that the producers, screenwriters and directors tried to bring everything out somehow, but it didn't work out very well. Although it was possible to bring the series with a much more interesting plot along the line of Prue (enchanted) as well as on the line of Phoebe and Cole's love relationship. (More optimistic,interesting in his opposition to evil - for the sake of love). Season-5! This season is good because it affects other types of magic (gypsy for example). There are also many interesting moments with magical creatures and objects, but everything is also very superficial without deepening and revealing potential. And again they show the hopelessness of Cole and Phoebe, which does not honor the series, but only some kind of banality, such as no matter how much you try anyway. There is also an interesting series about superheroines, although there are also few explanations and all sketches. Here is the fact that there is a series connecting the world of fairy tales with real events, it is quite interesting to watch, but again everything is also too hastily and all one series, although it was possible to devote more to the series, and also make them even instructive in something for the younger generation. The end of the season associated with the ancient Greek gods and titans also has its own interest, but it is done so that everything seems like an action game without internal emotional elaboration. In general, the depth of elaboration of characters with a backstory needs improvement. The season is generally not bad, but in addition to special effects and rapidly developing events in the series, an more emotional-pre-history of the development of events is also required as a spiritual part of development characters (heroes). Season-6! This season is nice to see the use of different mythological creatures as well as the variety in the demon world (crossroad demon, demon show and on) there are also references to Excalibur, albeit too perverted. It is also pleasant because it tells about sorcerers and their lives - although also mediocre, without going deep. The life of the heroes themselves is stormy, but much was worth explaining. It’s good that they showed that there are those who look after the heroes themselves, but the truth is they were portrayed as completely insensitive and pessimistic, but they know a lot and correct it, which makes you think that their role was irresponsibly approached, these moments should have been more thought out. There is also a school of magic and a small explanation on it - although it was also worth giving it more series with explanations and its own stories and nuances. The story about the new keeper and his story continues (also in moments). Also about the genie and desires - not bad, but a lot of understatement. The story about the existence of a parallel world and its features is quite interesting, but it was worth thinking it over more. And the denouement is about a mysterious villain who was always there and it seemed that he was on the side of good, but with his own convictions, which let him down. The plot that everything revolves around the younger generation is good, but you should not forget about the main plot. In general, a lot of things could be added, although there will be references to the original approach after the third season. It is worth adding the desire to grow and develop the series in the world of magic, and the directors and producers should go deeper and unlock their potential in the development of the plot and the acting of the actors. And most importantly, to reveal the whole secret essence. Season-7! In this season, you can see both a continuation of the development after the events taking place before, and a new incarnation in addition to good and evil (Avatars). Until this season, they were not disclosed for great intrigue, which of course causes a kind of interest. You can see the development of the characters themselves, the diversity too - albeit a small one too. The enchanted also have secrets associated with astrological events, which, although not explained, are interesting in their idea. Yes, and the ideas about Utopia that we are presented with are also difficult to understand - there are many nuances and few explanations, it could have been worked out more interestingly, but the directors and producers decided to pass this moment by. Also uniting the sides of light and darkness for a common cause. There is also a kind of reference to Pandora's casket with a keeper, also done in a fluent rhythm. There are interesting moments, in series about the curse of pirates - an enchanted book (stories of two brothers) - locked souls of people from the past - in general, they can whenever they want. It’s also nice to see a series where it is shown that evil lives in a person and in order to do evil, you don’t have to be a demon - this is a choice (an instructive series of its kind). And that a demon can take the side of good trying to change (although as I wrote it was worth remembering about this earlier, back in seasons 3 and 4). The new main enemy is also quite an interesting character - and already more developed and charismatic. And the question is how much it would be possible to think over the development of the series from the fourth season in the right direction and without losing the main characters. And in general, how much could be added and developed if there were more imagination. Season-8! This season is also interesting with the opportunity to look at the world of the enchanted from the outside, and also adds their ingenuity, albeit superficially. It is also nice to see that not only they fight evil - and help those in trouble. It is also not a bad example of how you took on the role and image of another person, you can receive a gift and his problems, and also knowing that you look different - sincerity in a relationship is hard to achieve. There are also additions in the form of magic from different cultures as a struggle in one. We see both development and solutions in their daily lives and solutions to difficulties in the magical world - but the disclosure is not complete, but pieces from the whole that could be. The story about the life of the new sisters, although interesting, is too gloomy and made without the right to make a mistake and a good decision in their lives. The role in Phoebe's life of her companion Cupid is for the most part predictable and intrusive, although there are notes in the right direction, but this will again be a reference to what could and should have been done at the beginning of the fourth, end of the third season - and the series was able to bring a lot interesting and informative and could be very popular. The role of the demons is quite interesting and varied and could be developed. The end of the season was also done quite epic, but again there is a lot of things the directors and producers decided to miss without the possibility of a happy ending for new heroes. In addition, we can say that it was necessary to put more effort into the series itself, both for the actors and its creators, because with the right direction, the series could still develop for more than one season, and much could be more informative - interesting, educational, intriguing, like herself a life. As for life, you can notice many interesting facts that show the influence of inferiority in the lives of the actors themselves, directors, producers - and how much could change if they are more responsible for their craft and what they give to others, because I am more than sure that the feeling of incompleteness in this series ( work) is present in them, which could affect their personal lives, everything is interconnected. It is not for nothing that the main companions of a person in life under different circumstances are Faith-Hope-Love, and our spiritual ties with the world around us. "You can still change if you're ready to change" Study Description: As a result, I would like to write that the series itself could have been developed even more interesting and kinder (kinder in the sense that we let people see what we get in return), although there is always a bit of hidden zest. After the completion of filming, almost none of the cast no longer “lit up” in large-scale projects. Personally For Shannon Doherty and ConstanceM. Burge! 1.The whole Subject With Prue Holywell was not disclosed (it was possible to agree with the actress - and the Question to the Actress herself - they don’t leave everything halfway, this may be all the gaps in her life!) Shannen Doherty began to have serious health difficulties (the actress was diagnosed with cancer) Constance M. Burge had no more such series that were very popular. (You have to fight for your brainchild) Personally For Brad Kern and Julian McMahon! 2. The theme with Cole Turner also has a very negative bias, although after all, his struggle with himself as a demon could be translated into the right direction, but here Brad Kern tried. Brad Kern needed not to completely demonize the character, but to bring him to light in order to show what it is like faith in oneself and hope for the best. Yes, and Julian should have achieved this from his role (Julian McMahon participated in a number of successful television projects, but did not receive serious roles.) From the Lives of Other Main Characters………….. 1. Rose McGowan had an accident and had some pretty complicated surgeries. 2. Alice Milano and Holly Marie Combs regularly failed in their personal lives and in their attempts to create a full-fledged family. 3. Brian Krause completely abandoned his acting career, he was detained several times for drunk driving. In Spiritual Connection! In general, it is worth saying that the development of the series could have been developed More Exciting, More Interesting, Intriguing, And for more seasons - if there is a sense of the development of fantasy and imagination, how could it be !!! Like the Life of Heroes, Directors, Producers and many participants in this series, it could have turned out quite differently. And the main thing to remember is that we must try to make the world a better place, because there is enough negativity, but try to convey: Hope for opportunities, Faith in yourself and others, and Love in all its manifestations. There are many catchphrases that affect a person spiritually, I will give a couple of them (“What deeply sinks into our souls can hurt more”, “Unity is our strength and not weakness”). And the main thing to remember is that we want to pass on to the next generations. After all, the emotions that we transmit and receive form a lot in us. The main thing is not to betray what you believe in, what you want to pass on from yourself to others, because the United States did not immediately become a democratic country with faith in people, and in the future, without forgetting the science of the past !!! What does Life mean, and what do we live for! What does Death mean, and what awaits us after!

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Charmed is a strange mix between deathly serious and kooky comedy. Over its long run, the show has constructed an elaborate good vs. evil fantasy world populated by elders, avatars, seers, and demons. But even with some heavily dramatic content involving the death of family members, Charmed remains fundamentally a silly show -- often with weak storylines and poor acting.

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