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Confessions: Animal Hoarding

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age 11+
This review about this show caught my is it not for kids?!in some ways it is educational talking about mental illnesses and daughter watches this show and I don't mind it one bit

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age 14+

An intense, complex show not suitable for children

This is a very depressing show. It's true that these conditions exist, but I think too intense for young children and even some young teens. Also, I have a real problem in hearing "we're going to find these animals good homes"...which is probably often a blatant lie, and I don't think we should lie to children. There are very difficult, complex questions here that I'm not sure that kids under about 14 are able to even comprehend and certainly can't do much about: the delicate issues of keeping an animal alive in unsanitary conditions vs. taking that animal to the pound where it will probably be put to sleep, as well as issues about the rights of the individual, and how our view of pets has changed in the past 100 years, as well as the topic of what is or isn't mental illness.
age 10+

Good informative show for older kids

This show may involve touchy subjects but its not so bad thats it's unsuitable for older kids. I think this review is WAY too picky and sensitive. So what if there are a few animal droppings here and there, most kids see worse things at home. I think this show is very informative and always ends on a positive note so it's good and educational for your older kids.

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