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Corneil and Bernie

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age 6+

Sympathetic dog + hilariously clueless teenager = smart cartoon

This is one show that this website has undoubtedly rated severely incorrectly. Who cares if Bernie is guilty of bad species relationship and is over all a horrible role model? That's the whole point of the show's humor. And there is definetely nothing morally wrong with Corneil attempting to keep his intelligence a secret. He has a ligitimate fear that, if found out, he would be subject to certain tests from sceintists who lack basic morals. That would be a ligitimate fear in real life. There really are a lot of teenagers as weak as Bernie. So basically, this is, in fact, a show that would deserve a TV-Y rating if 1 Nick still used the TV-Y rating and 2 the show was still on, even if it had to be restricted to the overnight hours. By the way, I consider this the most underrated cartoon of all time. It really is quite funny and does a superb job satirically bashing the constant stereotypes of dogs that are constantly seen in television, eg Tuff Puppy.
age 5+

Great and funny show for all ages!

If you'll looking for a show for the whole family to watch then put on Corneil and Bernie. The situations Bernie get's Corneil into are always funny and if you watch the show closely you'll notice that in every episode Corneil starts out despiseing Bernie and feeling he's only a slight annoyance. But by the end of the show Corneil treats Bernie like a slight friend. So stop reading about Corneil and Bernie and go watch it!