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Destroy Build Destroy

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age 18+

Heck no!

My kids watched this movie and now they are destroying stuff in our house with their DaBaby cars.
age 17+

One of my favorites

Okay, looking back I remember when I was a child having to be forced away from the TV every Wednesday night because this show aired past bed time but the times I did get to watch this show I loved it. As a kid I remember wanting to do things like this because it was fun. Watching people make cool things that were impractical and off the wall was fun and entertaining to watch. I'm sad that this show got canceled to be honest.
age 13+

Not "Reality" imo...

My son recognized one of the "contestants" as an actor from one of the kid sitcoms, from Nickelodeon or Disney Channel, leading me to believe that this show is faked. It does seem improbable that the "surfer" kids could hope to out-engineer the "techie" kids, designing and building complex cranes. If it is faked, I think it's pretty despicable for Cartoon Network to sell it as a "reality" show, giving kids the impression that hanging out, surfing and skating will take them further than studying and learning. Brilliant! Then on top of it the reward for winning the contest is they get to BLOW THINGS UP!!! AWESOME!!!!
age 7+


Everything about this show is horrible! From the jokes to the voice acting! Also,this should be on Disney Channel.It's nothing but MORE live acting on CN! I'm happy CN canceled this crap!
age 8+

Not even worth broadcasting, watched.

I did not want to even want to give it a star. This show does not worth even half a star. At this age (around 8) that's when kids start to be bratty, rebellious, and they would want to destroy maybe their TV at home just to think its cool. Although it is to enhance children's imagination to design and build their machines, it is actually causing more burden to the environment. Seeing the clips on TV about this show when destroying the large objects that creates fire & smoke makes me think that isn't all this wasting materials? If it is not wasting materials, then at least it is releasing unnecessary carbon dioxide & heat into the atmosphere. Global warming is being a huge problem for Earth. We should care for the Earth instead, unless this show can actually educate kids about being eco-friendly and such, or create objects or whatever that will help. I know nothing about this show & maybe I'm being dumb here, but I am just worry about our planet. I really don't want 12/21/2012 to be true..

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Too much violence
age 2+

Skip it

This show is terrible. The host is obnoxious and the whole thing is just pointless. I hate reality shows and I hate reality shows aimed at kids even more.
age 8+

destroy build destroy!

This show is teaching kids bad things like ruinning the looser's cars, trucks, and other things. This show has some bad words like d**n and bleeped out s**t's. One thing I don't understand about this show is its name, how do you destroy something without building it? Many weapons like bombs, guns, cherry bombs, shotguns, dienemite, flame throwers, flame guns, bombs in cars, pistols, and many,many,many,many more! People also get stuck in the obsticals that are dangerous. Also if you think crap, darn, or dang are bad words than you should watch the show!

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Too much violence
Too much swearing
age 9+

We love this show!

We love this! Our nine year old wants to be an engineer when he grows up and he loves the creativity aspect of this show (so do we!). It shows teamwork ~ for sure! Have to admit, we weren't too keen on the "destroy" part, but hey, they built it, they can destroy it! Great show!

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Great messages