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Dime Quién Soy: Mistress of War

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age 17+

rather shocking violence and sex, not recommended for young kids

I would definitely not recommend this to children under 17. Rather a lot of sex, threats and allusions of rape and abuse, as well as a lot of violence (torture, hanging, summary executions, to name but a few shocking things). For adults, this is an excellent series, encompassing the years around the Spanish Civil War, as well as the Second World War. The protagonist takes part in her own vivid and adventurous way. You learn about resistance to Nazi occupation in Poland and Greece and about Nazi organisation in a way I bet you didn't learn at school. Definitely recommend this to all adults, who can stand the violent parts. I loved the way that they use several languages, not only English and Spanish (the protagonist is a real polyglot!).

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Too much violence
Too much sex