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Not very true to life

I didn’t find it very true to life, or funny. People say Fawlty Towers is the funniest sitcom ever but it only made me smile three times. I can’t even remember when. When I was at Liverpool we stayed in hotels all the time and none of them were like this. For starters pretty much all of them managed to spell the name of the hotel right on their signs. The only time I saw a missing letter was during a gale at the Celtic Manor Hotel near Cardiff, and even then it only blew the C off so it said eltic Manor Hotel, and that’s not funny. It’s not like it said bum or anything. So for me, right from the start Fawlty Towers is a long way off being realistic. Two of the characters have moustaches, which never happens, and some of the things that go on are completely unrealistic. The bit where he hits his car with a branch is just silly. You wouldn’t do that. I remember Igor Biscan’s car breaking down in Crosby, and he just calmly went to Costa while he waited for the AA. Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t see anything funny in it. Robbie Fowler’s impression of Gerard Houllier, now that’s funny, and it doesn’t involve putting a dead body in a wardrobe.
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age 9+

A fantastic British comedy series

1) Sex and Nudity: A few mild sex references are made throughout the series, though they are unlikely to cause offence. In one episode a women is shown undressing and her underwear is briefly visible. In another episode a reference is made of a character trying to 'grope a girl' along with the same character unintentionally touching a women's breasts from another room. ------ 2) Violence: Slapstick violence is present on most episodes, all of which is done in a comedic way and none of which is graphic or likely to cause offence. ----- 3) Profanity: Uses of mild-moderate profanity used including 'bloody' and 'bastard'. One character also uses the terms 'n----rs' and 'wogs' in one episode (S1, E6: The Germans). However, there terms are used by an older character and are not done in a way that is purposely offensive. ----- 4) Alcohol, Drugs and Smoking: Alcohol is shown to be consumed, though not to excess, throughout the series. In two episodes characters are shown to be drunk, though excess drinking is not promoted. ----- Frightening & Intense Scenes: In one episode (S2, E4: The Kipper and the Corpse) a dead body is found and is then subsequently carried around the hotel throughout the episode. While this episode may be upsetting to some, it is unlikely to frighten most children over the age of 9.
age 7+

Slapstick comedy, of its time, very British

Very British comedy, by British standards, the 'bad' language is very mild. Bloody, bastard. The word 'bint' which I don't like is used in one episode, but it can be useful to have those conversations. The 'N' word, which I would hope my child never hears is in the 'Germans' episode- one of the most famous episodes, and part of British culture- however, the BBC version shown on TV now cuts the scene where the Major uses it once. if you're watching it on Netflix etc, it's important to cut the scene where the Major is talking to Fawlty at the desk about his wartime experiences. He also uses some other racial slurs. Unfortunately, it may be best to save 'The Germans' for an older child, where you can discuss the nasty connotations of that language, as it's not language a child in the UK would ever hear otherwise.
age 12+

Hilarious but the language they use you can't get away with today.

'Fawlty Towers' is a hilarious comedy show. The language they use in it is very strong. There are no uses of f--k or sh-t but they no say: b-----d, n----r, w-g and bl--dy. They say many racist words and the other language they use, they could not get away with today. There is some violence as 'Basil' always hurts 'Manuel' but either hitting him with a spoon, poking him in the eye or kicking him. This movie is only appropriate for teenagers because of the language.

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