British TV

The U.K. has a great track record when it comes to creating engaging TV shows for kids of all ages. From the charming Postman Pat to the mechanically brilliant Top Gear to the hilariously sci-fi Doctor Who, the Brits (and the Irish, and the Scots, and the Welsh) have tons of great and creative picks to offer young tots and discerning teens. Just keep in mind that if your kids didn't have a British accent before, they might adopt one after diving into one of these shows. For more family-friendly picks, check out TV for the Modern Family and Comedy TV Shows for Teens.

Timmy Time Poster Image

Timmy Time

age 2+

Cute series has positive social messages for tots.

Network: Disney Channel (2009)
Angelina Ballerina Poster Image

Angelina Ballerina

age 3+

A little mouse dreams big -- OK for all ages.

Network: Sprout (2002)
Code 404 Poster Image

Code 404

age 16+

Cop comedy has violence, profanity, police misconduct.

Network: Peacock (2020)
Balamory Poster Image


age 3+

Charming Scottish import with loveable characters.

Network: Discovery Kids (2002)
Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom Poster Image

Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom

age 3+

Charming British series promotes perseverance, friendship.

Network: Nick Jr. (2015)
Bob the Builder Poster Image

Bob the Builder

age 3+

Teamwork paramount on friendly construction show.

Network: PBS (1998)
Kipper Poster Image


age 3+

Adventurous puppy tales for preschoolers.

Network: Sprout (1997)
Peppa Pig Poster Image

Peppa Pig

age 3+

Sweet pig family provides gentle lessons to preschoolers.

Network: Nick Jr. (2005)
Postman Pat Poster Image

Postman Pat

age 3+

Small-town adventures just right for kids.

Network: HBO Family (1981)
Thomas & Friends Poster Image

Thomas & Friends

age 3+

Thomas and his train friends huff and chuff around.

Network: PBS (1984)
Brum Poster Image


age 4+

Yellow car saves the day in London town.

Network: Discovery Kids (1991)
Charlie and Lola Poster Image

Charlie and Lola

age 4+

Brit siblings set good examples; great for kids.

Network: Disney Channel (2005)
James May's Toy Stories Poster Image

James May's Toy Stories

age 7+

Adults act like kids and play with toys in fun UK series.

Network: BBC America (2009)
The Great British Baking Show Poster Image

The Great British Baking Show

age 8+

Mild, mouth-watering baking contest great fun for all ages.

Network: PBS, Syndicated (2010)
The Great Pottery Throw Down Poster Image

The Great Pottery Throw Down

age 8+

Pottery competition show is gentle, if formulaic, fun.

Network: Max (2020)
Jamie's Meals in Minutes Poster Image

Jamie's Meals in Minutes

age 8+

Oliver's quick-cooking show pushes produce, healthier food.

Network: BBC America (2010)
Hetty Feather Poster Image

Hetty Feather

age 9+

Charming British series about youth and self-determination.

Network: BBC (2018)
Richard Hammond's Crash Course Poster Image

Richard Hammond's Crash Course

age 9+

Extreme machines entertain and inform; great for gearheads.

Network: BBC America (2012)
Doctor Who Poster Image

Doctor Who

age 10+

Long-running British sci-fi series still thrills fans.

Network: BBC America, Syfy (1963)
Horrible Histories Poster Image

Horrible Histories

age 9+

Books-inspired British sketch comedy yields laughs, facts.

Network: Online (2009)