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Lust, drinking, domestic violence on soapy primetime drama.
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Adult Written byDeJuan Edwards January 19, 2020

Did Tyler bump his head before writing?

I literally said ok I am done when I got to the part where after they saved Alex’s baby from being dropped in the water by her racist mother(which by the way, how in the hell was she able to get into that boat and get out there in the middle of that swamp during gun fire between the police and her redneck husband and his buddies)and then another thing Randal has had the hell beat outta him hit multiple times with a shovel losing all the blood he did and the lady in the ambulance just lets him ride when he needs to be in 1 his self. She says only 1 person can go but they both end up going anyway. Ok next they get to the hospital and a social worker was called and she said that they were taking him from her. Ok number 1 when does a child get taken away after being reunited with its parents after a Kidnapping that happened under the circumstances that her parents were racist? That makes no sense and who as a parent doesn’t know there rights it’s like they have Alex believing that because she doesn’t love Randal that is grounds for him to be awarded custody of the child and she is just in la la land keeps begging him not to take her to court. And a custody battle is not necessarily something that you need to have money for you have to be heard in court and deemed unfit to have your child taken from your custody. Alex has 2 kids(whom even the acting of the children isn’t believable)she has been taking care of and everything is just fine with them so why would she not be seen as fit? Nothing about their story line makes sense and then the whole dirty cop situation where Lushion reveals he’s undercover FBI investigating the deaths of all the officers that all makes ZERO sense. When does the FBI just continue to let a dirty cop just continue to kill other cops and not get so much as a leave of absence? I’m done trying to make sense of this catastrophe The acting is horrible the dialogue is horrible it’s just horrible and I’m surprised I’ve never seen Tyler wrote such a horrible show with even worst acting I vote No on this 1. And the craziest thing ever is what happened to that disk that Pete brought to Natalie they never revealed up to where I’m at now who took it from the bread box I’m just done!!!
Adult Written byJaex0 May 19, 2019

Trainwreck that you can’t look away from

I honestly just started to watch this show on Hulu after my boyfriend recommended it to me. It is the worst show I have ever seen in my life, and I am not exaggerating first I would like to say that the acting in this show is atrocious. I am currently catching up to season 3. Randal is not a realistic character I say this because in real life his antagonistic behavior would have actually had him killed after he took Alex to court for this baby no actual person would put up with that.
Kelly is I by far the most disappointing character she is constantly putting her self in stupid situations think about how many times Travis had harassed her,why would she not put cameras up in her house for a while to help her self build a case and knowing these cops are crooks I would have made several copies also why does she leave out so much information when making a complaint.. Esperanza this girl never actually works or does her job she is constantly over stepping boundaries that in real life would not be allowed. Marcie is a mess and looks desperate constantly. Natalie is the character I least roll my eyes at. Eddie Can act because I find him so disgusting that I actually hate him as a person.Brad is just there... the OBGYN is way to into her patients life.. throughout this entire show I just keep saying why do I watch this why am I watching this, I can’t look away it's that bad. I think at best this show needed 2 seasons but I can already tell they will draw this show out. Tyler this is garbage.
Adult Written bygelmann September 18, 2018

The Trashiest Soap I've EVER seen !

This show IS NOT FOR CHRISTIANS ! The sleaziest piece of junk ever! Over the top plots, plus bad writing and acting! No mention of God or Bible or Morals and the BAD guys win and win. Lots of screaming and crying. All the women in this show are victims...and ALL of the men are A$$holes and Brutes. Laughable and Over the top.

This title contains:

Drinking, Drugs & Smoking
Adult Written bytina . March 14, 2018

Has to get better than this

The acting is painful and the storylines drag out waaaay too long. Even in what is supposed to be climatic scenes, there is nothing there to keep them exciting. Perhaps its the way its scripted, maybe the acting...perhaps both. Please take a page out of Queen Sugar and GreenLeaf's books. They are what's up. I want to support Tyler, but he's making it really hard.
Adult Written bySfox S. November 29, 2016

What a Disgrace

The production and direction as well as unrealistic writing the shows are pathic. "If Loving you is Wrong " should be renamed "If watching it is down right WRONG. The story lines jump all over the place obviously this show is slated for ghetto low knowledge individuals . Please take this show off the air!!!!!!! along with the Haves and Have started out with the looks of class and went straight to the gutter. Tyler please look at Queen spike Lee and do a total revamp.
Adult Written byJoy Wilson June 3, 2020


So I'm 40 yrs old and this is my first review ever for a TV show. But I figured if I could save at least one person I would. I'm very disappointed with this show. Some of this stuff is just so unbelievable, Kelly has by far got to be the worst. This plot how in the world does this man keep attacking her in broad day light and have no witnesses. So you mean to tell me no cameras are available. Plus to see a black women represented so poorly and weak I cant do it. Eddie should have been dead 45 episodes ago, if the FBI has him under watch you just gonna allow him to keep killing. Randall is an absolute mess, this dude i have zero words. Natalie is depicted as such a strong black women even I want to smack some sense in her at times. Lushion is a good one bc I swear I would have been told her to kick rocks. Self reflection is a powerful drug and Natalie needs several doses. I think it's good story lines but not believable or even realistic, but it just gets lost in the bad acting and dragging out of some scenes. I love soaps operaish shows but this is just terrible. It has taken me 3 months to watch it. I get sucked back in when looking for new shows, but after about 5 episodes I get fed up with all the nonsense.
Adult Written bydlaselle April 28, 2020

a bunch of bad acting. using the words ( what's going on to much) (and OK) - Lead act Kelly is aweful acting OMG, she need more acting lessons.

it passes the time, its like watching A BAD SOAP.

This title contains:

Violence & scariness
Adult Written byTyshawnwilliams April 22, 2020


I like the show but what I have a problem with is how long is Kelly going to be in jail for? It’s getting stale for me. Just let the woman out she’s been in jail for two seasons. Now Eddie takes her evidence yet he does everything evil and spends one hour in jail. This is very nerve wracking to keep watching Kelly in jail for two seasons.

This title contains:

Sexy stuff
Drinking, Drugs & Smoking
Adult Written byRon scorpio April 21, 2020

Wrong what they doing to Kelly

This show is promoting domestic violence that the perp can get away with anything. This show is sending the wrong message to young blackmen. Blackmen can get away with violence to women. Tyler Perry should be ashame. He is showing that wrongs are right. I was a big Tyler Perry fan but not anymore. God bless them I hope! This is Tyler Perry worst work. This is on the level of Soul Plane the movie!

This title contains:

Adult Written byAndreasick April 7, 2020

Worse show ever

It is awful. So trashy. I will never watch it again. I surely would never watch show with children even 18 year olds.

This title contains:

Sexy stuff
Adult Written byTheGoddess March 2, 2020


My head hurts. So no one is going to address the issue that Alex should be in jail for creating all this foolishness. Along with all the unrealistic terrible acting. The dirty cop and FBI allows him going on a rant! This is by far some of the worse I've seen! All the different men involved at the dinner table with Marcy. It's a lot, just crazy
Adult Written byGaila S. September 27, 2017


Tyler We LOVE YOU BUT........Your Audience Deserves Better on ILYIW
✔The dialogue in this show is just horrible. I've never watched another show with so many long awkward pauses. It takes 1/2 show just to say "How ya doing?"
✔Kelly Stupidity is just not believable. Her story is inconsistent and doesn't add up and almost belittles your audience to have to be stupid just to go along
✔Because you drag out Brad's lines & they go on forever makes this character as boring a heck. He's too handsome to misuse as an actor
✔Background music is too loud. We can barely hear the actors
✔Go get some USC Cinema Grad Students and Writers to help clean up your script, character portrayal and make the editing a lot more efficient. Refer to shows like Scandal and Empire to see how it's done
✔Your plots and themes drag out to long -your entire last season seem to cover only a few days and that's pure boredom next to shows like Scandal that keep it moving
✔Fire your costume designer on this show and hire the person dressing Veronica on Haves and Have Nots. Kelly's outdated clothes are nerve wrecking. Natalie and Alex look like they miss wardrobe entirely before shooting
✔Great actors:
H.A.H.N. -Hanna, Veronica, Candace, Jim Crier, Benny
I.L.Y.I.W.-Eddie, Marcie,Luscion, Randall, Kid Justin, Alex's father
✔Casting Director Bloopers:
I.L.Y.I.W- Kelly, Alex, Brad
Adult Written byHyesha B. September 7, 2016

Overly stated

I love the show. However, I think it is drawn out way too long. I think it should be in a different place and topic then what it is now. I think there should be more information given and less dead space between scenes. Other than that, is story line is good, just not as idealistic of a bkack womans struggle.