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Amazing! LOL Has Done it Again!

This is a really good movie. its fun and funny. this movie brings a really positive messesge about how its okay to be diffrent and be yourself. the only thing i dont like is that mykal michille the younger live actress,wants to go and run out of the house when there is a seroius blizzerd,because of no wifi. then her older sister grabs her by the legs to stop her. the main LOL caracter,midnight,wants to DESTROY the big winter Disco party just because she did not get an invitation and acted like her friends didnt understand her.what a fuss! the friends were so kind! they actully went to find her after she RAN AWAY AND STOLE THEIR STUFF!!! that is a bad messesge to kids,to stele there friends stuff because she did not get invited to the party. you cant be invited to everything. i guess they just wanted to make a good plot.

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The LOL dolls are inappropriate for your young girls.

Why would you want your girls to aspire to dolls that are sexualizing our young children? Have you seen what happens to these dolls when you take off their clothes and put them in ice water? You won't believe your eyes. MGA Entertainment needs to be help accountable for blatant sexualization of girls. Do your homework parents!!!