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Hyper star's antics dominate mediocre alien comedy.
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Adult Written byChinadelove February 1, 2015

Awful show

I don't know why Nick focuses on mainly live action shows nowadays, however I feel like its just not working, every show including this Marvin Marvin is garbage. Nick needs to re-hire the Csupo-Klasky company because they have made nothing but genius children shows.
Adult Written byMrCrocodile June 17, 2013

This is so hard to watch

Even when you see the commercials you just don't get Marvin Marvin.
This honestly could've been better. I've only seen Alf and I've never seen any other shows like this but I'm sure even they were much better!
I guess you can say the one and only message so far is that it's either okay to have an odd ball in the family or that there will be that one person in your family that stands out in a strange way but that message alone just doesn't help you to watch this show. Marvin is just too obnoxious to be tolerated. Atleast when there were other shows on Nickelodeon that showed someone obnoxious, they'd show a decent to much better side of those characters. I'm even mentioning How to Rock which I think was actually good as time went on. But it's just not that at all with Marvin Marvin! Marvin takes up so much of the screen that it's hard to really like it. The family is way better than him and the scenes that just show them could actually make the show better. Teri especially! But when Marvin is here as well you just feel like that neighbor that'd love to stay and chat but you have an excuse to leave because of that one person that walked into the room. Acting stupid, obnoxious and gross does not equal funny. And there's too much of that. It doesn't even deserve a rating.
Parent of a 6, 7, 10, and 10-year-old Written byPatzeheheh May 12, 2013

The bad reviews say it!

Before I rated this, I looked at the reviews, All of them, even the kids, had 1 star, Right away I knew this show was going to be bad, then all together (counting CSM'S) Review, this show only has 1 star reviews and 1 2 star, and none are above 3! So, I was going to ask my kids if they knew what this meant when it said "Marvin Marvin" coming up next on the TV. I stayed to watch it with 7 year old while the 10 year olds left the room. The theme song was unbearable with annoying voices and had poor drawings. Soon, Marvin was dancing horribly like a stereotyped alien. They try so hard, but it's obviously computer effects and the Grandpa just shows a lazy and dumb potato. There is a lot of flirting and "fangirling" Laugh tracks and boy bands. In one episode, they show consumerism when BTR comes and the kids act horribly, they decide to sneak out, they don't listen to their parents and end up kidnapped. The seller guys treat Marvin poorly and there is a lot of sneaky tricks so the kids could get their way, when Marvin was in a pie eating contest, they cheated because he had 5 STOMACHS? How fake and dumb, making up random stuff. Lots of potty language too.

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Violence & scariness
Parent of a 8, 10, and 14-year-old Written byIamASafeOne April 9, 2013

Not in my book

I let my kids watch things if they are mature, So far, when they saw the ad, they thought it was going to be weird. 8 year old: Didn't BOTHER. 10 year old: Didn't know 14 year old: Agrees with CSM. Me: I saw an episode, I thought it would be aimed 10-14, but I hope nobody watches this, Sniffing butts? Throwing up? It's just very unrealistic, and barely has any morals. This shouldn't be for laughter, It's very crude, and this must be stopped before there is an invasion of this. The voice of Marvin is annoying. I have read kid reviews and they say the show ripped off many other shows, so I DO NOT like un-original shows. Nick is known for their creativity, drawings, and ideas. But this is not Nick, this Cartoon Network mixed with, NMX ( NM X is horrible and crazy!) It doesn't appeal to all genders and ages. It's like they created this in 3 minutes. The laugh tracks drive me crazy.

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Adult Written byTV Show Reviewer March 17, 2013

Don't Watch This Show

This show is terrible and I wouldn't recommend anyone watching it. The show needs to be cancelled and it has inappropriate jokes about butts and seizures. Don't watch it.

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Sexy stuff
Adult Written bydragonofthesouth January 26, 2013


What happened to the good shows that used to come on Nick? Pretty much all of them either went off the air or are getting unfunny like Spongebob. It's really surprising to see this show still on the air, and it's NEW. Seriously Nickelodeon, get some better shows, this is just horrid.
Parent of a 8-year-old Written bySconation January 22, 2013

It's okay, just not very interesting.

I find the comedy annoying, but the show is fine and doesn't present any problems or red flags. Some parents may not appreciate the gross out humor. Not quite potty humor, but close.
Adult Written byadvocatewhat'sright January 6, 2013

All the reviews here are right! This IS the world's worst, most moronic show ever!

This makes The Oogieloves in the Big Balloon Adventure (a terrible movie and a complete rip-off of Teletubbies) look like The Lion King or even Charlotte's Web (original, but I like the new one and the sequel too)! This show proves the reason for suicide. I'm serious. It's weird, gross, and just plain stupid. It's also a rip-off of great movies like E.T. or Lilo & Stitch. Even the TITLE is unoriginal, I mean, ya ever heard or Marvin MARTIAN! There's a scene in the movie The Sword in the Stone, where Merlin gets annoyed because Sir Ector called him Marvin many times. It's like Walt Disney knew 49 years ago that this awful show would be made! Also, there should be a not for anyone rating here. I'd give this a -9000/10 like I did The Oogieloves and Coraline, but that's just generous. Generous! This show should get negative infinity and beyond! I referenced Toy Story there, watch that, ET, Lilo & Stitch, or yes, even THE OOGIELOVES before seeing this. If it were up to be the name should have been Marvin MORON! Or The Idiotic Alien! Bottom line: This show SUCKS. It's awful. It's horrible and the commercials for the show gave me a desire to murder. This show should be dropped into a creator on the moon and never be allowed to be shown to human beings OR EVEN ALIENS ever again!

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Adult Written byCindy Ledger December 22, 2012

UGH, can't bear this show for one minute

NO words to describe how BAD this show is.
Adult Written byCallie Rae December 22, 2012

REALLY bad show...worst I've seen in a while...

A big, big mess of a show. NOT worth watching.
Parent Written byTheRealReview December 3, 2012

Nickelodeon really has better shows to offer than this one.

This show gives Nickelodeon a really bad name....It's like they stole Disney Channels show ideas. (which isn't a good thing) When I first saw the commercial for the show I knew it would be really bad. Well, I was right, I tried to watch the show but I couldn't get through the whole thing because it was just really bad, and not to be mean at all but his voice is unbearable. I would suggest that you let your kids watch the other shows that Nickelodeon has to offer (Examples: ICarly, Victorious, How to Rock) these shows I just listed are great examples of quality shows. They teach kids to follow their dreams, it's okay to be different, and all in all your kids will love the structure the shows have. Marvin Marvin has no structure at all, and it is just all over the place. He dances randomly when he hears earth music? He has organs in his butt?? It all seems a little too frivilous, uninteresting, and unoriginal. Shows like this should be saved for Nick Junior. Most of the kids that are ages 11-16 watch the three shows I named because they're relatable to their age groups. Marvin Marvin is targeted at 11-16 year olds which is pretty ridiculous because kids don't really pay attention to make believe when they hit puberty. To sum it all up, Marvin Marvin is great for little kids but not for kids that are hitting puberty.