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Marvin Marvin

Hyper star's antics dominate mediocre alien comedy.

What parents need to know

Educational value

This title intends to entertain rather than to educate.

Positive messages

The show incorporates feel-good messages about being true to yourself and celebrating what makes each person unique. It also leans on potty humor for a lot of its laughs, so expect that your kids will find the funny in vomiting, burping, and the frequent attention Marvin draws to his butt, which is where his alien hearing organs are located. A teen bully calls his classmates names like "nerd" and "dorkwad" and is said to torment those beneath the upper social echelon.

Positive role models

Marvin's foster parents attempt to keep him on the straight and narrow, but he's prone to making his own decisions, often with comically disastrous results for himself and those around him. At times Marvin learns lessons from his behavior, but more often than not, the scenario is played for humor instead.

Violence & scariness

Physical comedy leads to some collisions and spills but no injuries. Marvin often slaps his own face, which is said to be an alien version of a greeting.

Sexy stuff
Not applicable

No cursing, but kids often use expressions like "shut up" and "eat it."

Not applicable
Drinking, drugs, & smoking
Not applicable

Parents Need to Know

Parents need to know that Marvin Marvin stars Lucas Cruikshank of Fred Figglehorn fame and rests its comedy on his trademark physical comedy and plenty of gross-out humor. From a grown-up's standpoint, the show's best feature is the care it takes in reminding viewers that it's important to be yourself, even when that makes you different from your peers. From a kid's point of view, however, this message is lost amid Marvin's outrageous predicaments. Expect some crude behavior (puking, burping, and a lot of attention drawn to Marvin's butt since it's explained that that's where his ears are located), name-calling ("dorkwad," for instance), and general teenage angst, which together compose most of the show's humor.

What's the story?

MARVIN MARVIN is the story of a teenage alien (Lucas Cruikshank) from a distant planet, whose parents send him to Earth to protect him from alien invaders. He's adopted by human parents Bob (Pat Finn) and Liz Forman (Mim Drew) and attempts to learn how to pass as a normal teenager from their kids, Teri (Victory Van Tuyl) and Henry (Jacob Bertrand). But that's no easy task for this larger-than-life alien, and learning curve mishaps often test the patience of his foster family and threaten exposure of his true identity.

Is it any good?


It's evident that Nickelodeon is pinning this show's hopes on the kid appeal of its recognizable star with plot points that open the door for him to demonstrate his knack for physical comedy. Marvin's hardwired to dance like a maniac whenever he hears Earth music, so you can bet you're going to see that multiple times in an episode. Because he's still learning the basics of humanoid behavior, he's going to make mistakes, like returning the favor when the family dog sniffs his butt. Suppressing his super powers isn't always easy, so there are openings for chaos there. This fish-out-of-water set-up means endless possibilities for wacky, obnoxious, and even crude behavior, all of which is designed to get laughs from your kids.

What the show most lacks, though, is originality. Not only does it recycle Cruikshank's unusual comedy style, it also taps Superman for its alien-evacuee storyline and even adds a few touches of E.T. with some of Marvin's powers. To the show's credit, it does attempt to lace the dialogue with buzz phrases like "It's OK to be different" and "Be who you are," but it's a good bet your kids won't even notice those in light of the hyperactive comedy to which most of the content is devoted.

Families can talk about...

  • Families can talk about how Marvin compares to Fred Figglehorn. What similarities exist between Cruikshank's two characters? What makes them different? Do you think this show's creators intended to draw on Fred's fame for this show? What benefit might there be to doing so?

  • Kids: In what situations have you felt like an outsider? Is it difficult to adapt to a new place? What can you do if you see another person feeling left out?

  • How do the Formans compare to your family? Do you think an outsider would have an easy time fitting in at your house? What behaviors might they find funny or odd?

TV details

Premiere date:November 24, 2012
Cast:Lucas Cruikshank, Mim Drew, Pat Finn
Topics:High school, Misfits and underdogs, Space and aliens
TV rating:TV-G

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Teen, 14 years old Written byNASCAR101 February 13, 2013

Moron Moron

this show is HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This show gets me barfin' barfin' I CAN'T EVEN BARE TO FINISH THIS REVIEW. but i will. first off, it stars you know whom, Lucas c0ck$uck3r (i can't say his last name). okay, the show is about the d!ckhead named Marvin. he's from this goddamn planet named Klutton. this is a rip-off of ALF, Mork and Mindy. this makes Spongebob look like Angry beavers, Rugrats, Hello Kitty, or Scooby-Doo! this show makes Rocko's Modern Life, rugrats, or Scooby-Doo look like Captian Kangaroo. This is the worst show I've ever seen. The ABSOLUTE worst. I can't believe that this is what Nickelodeon is showing us now. Nickelodeon, please don't waste time with anymore episodes of Marvin Marvin...PLEASE. This show is awful, boring and a total waste of air , life and everything This show really raises my blood pressure seriously! this show bring Garbage to 3 whole new levels! in fact, this makes storage wars (complete HOT Garbage) look like Captian Kangaroo. in fact, this might make Mrs. Doubtfire look like Jaws. i'd give it 0 stars if i could. Man, this show is horrible. The plot is really overdone. An alien named Marvin lands on Earth, but his family has to keep his identity a secret. The humor is really gross. The worst joke BY FAR is the one where Marvin is drinking a milkshake, then he is pouring the milkshake back into the glass with his NOSE! Then he drinks the milkshake again! To make matters worse, a girl said "that was AWESOME!" WHAT?! That was 0% awesome, and infinity% disgusting! Who would laugh at this pile of crap? Even the TITLE is unoriginal, I mean, ya ever heard or Marvin MARTIAN! It's like Walt Disney knew 49 years ago that this aweful show would be made! Also, there should be a not for anyone rating here. I'd give this a -9000/10. He dances randomly when he hears earth music? He has organs in his butt?? It all seems a little too uninteresting, and unoriginal. Marvin Marvin is targeted at 11-16 year olds which is pretty ridiculous because kids don't really pay attention to make believe when they hit puberty. I think i'll stick with Three's company for now
What other families should know
Too much violence
Too much sex
Too much swearing
Too much drinking/drugs/smoking
Kid, 12 years old May 23, 2013

Update: Marvin Marvin Got Cancelled!

April 26, 2013, Marvin Marvin gets cancelled this date! I hope you're happy!
What other families should know
Too much violence
Too much sex
Too much swearing
Teen, 14 years old Written bypseudonym46231 February 2, 2013

Marvin Marvin Gets Me Barfin' Barfin'

Marvin Marvin is the failing children's network Nickelodeon's attempt to capitalize on the success of Lucas Cruikshank. It fails on numerous levels. To begin with, it's not a terrible concept for a show; I could see this being a decent show if done right; unfortunately, it wasn't. It's just another awful so-called "sitcom," laugh track and all. The jokes are mostly gross-out humor, a major turn-off for anyone over the age of 10. Also, the characters, with the exception of the parents, are very unlikable; Marvin is annoying and stupid, the kid he lives with is like a mini Daniel Tosh, the sister and her friend are stereotypical teenage girls and serve as an unnecessary sub-plot, and the grandfather (or random old guy) can be either the only funny character, or the most redundant. It's no wonder Nickelodeon is losing viewers.