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Miss Scarlet and the Duke

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age 12+

Can't wait for the 2nd season

I love this show and am ready for the next season. It is based in England's late 1800s/early 1900s, so comparing and looking for cultural shocks is interesting. It has suspences and humor and a bit of romance. One of the main characters is gay, and there is some secret gay sorority I don't appreciate. There might be a few occasional inferences, but I think it is an excellent show for older kids who already know about these things.

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age 11+

Miss Scarlet & The Duke

Amazing, wonderful, great PBS series. I have watched all episodes that are released to the public for free. It has some sexual content, but not much. There is a group of men that are secretly gay, but that's fine. I am not homophobic but if you are don't watch the 2nd episode. There is a lot of violence but really, it depends on the kid!There's a little drinking, and smoking, and there is some uses of the A word. It says too much but by clicking in it i mean a little bit but not for violence, theres not much blood or gore but there are dead people with cuts.

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