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Story about dogs

For the most part I found it very interesting. But there were two things that question. The first testing if dogs love. Well they tested with the dogs want praise and a half hearted raise at that. What they should’ve tested was when the dogs owner was talking to them what would happen to the brain? My dog loves everyone, but there’s no comparison to the way she feels about me and everyone else. The other I was horrified at all those poor foxes being held in tiny cages for their life in the name of science!
age 8+

The best of science produced in Boston, shared with the world.

This programme is produced by 'GBH, one of the major producers for most PBS stations. This is the best idea developed by Michael Ambrosino in 1973, aired March 3rd, 1974, and since then, is still on air. Many episodes of #novapbs are still available on DVD and many Blu-Ray editions. Available at (purchases supports PBS). Also I remember an episode named "Separating Twins," about the conjoined twins in an Aussie hospital. This story is very profound and interesting. Why this two twin girlies are still alive? Thanks to the Children First Foundation. This episode is an American English re-narration for NOVA, based on an Aussie original narration. At least both are alive. Very recommended, as the many space science episodes. The very first episode was "The Making Of A Natural History Film" first aired on the BBC as part of Horizon in October of 1972, originally narrated on British English by Paul Vaughan, renarrated in American English by (?). My nephew's favourite programme of #novapbs is "The Shape Of Things" first aired in February of 1985. All about plants, animals and more. Very recommended. This episode should be available on DVD soon. Also a episode named "The Death Of A Star" turns 30 years old this October 2017. DVD available on (remastered).

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age 7+
.My 7 year old is OK with the content, but could be scary for some kids.
age 14+

serial killers and wtc disaster not for youn 'uns

my mom finally got me the one episode about serial killers. maybe it was nova maybe something else?
age 8+
Awesome show!
not rated for age

Interesting and Thought-Provoking...A Must-See!

NOVA is a thought-provoking series that covers interesting subjects in language, history, science, and math...all subjects! Some talk of AIDs, gender, and other remotley sex-related topics, and some talk of terrorism and wars. Language, which is remote, is beeped out. A must-see for families. Some younger kids may not understand what is being talked about, but there's nothing really to be concerned about. Awesome!
not rated for age

A must-watch show

I don't really have a lot to say because I like every show on PBS, but if you're looking for a quality show, this is definitely one to watch. You learn things about the Earth that you wouldn't be able to find almost anywhere else.