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Another MTV show centerd fully on materialism

As much as I like the idea of helping out people, these cars get very ridiculous. I've honestly only seen a few episodes and can't wrap my head around how they get away with "pimping" out these rides. Kids, preteens, and may be a some teenagers won't understand how unnecessary a lot of these tricked out items they install in these cars are. In fact a lot of it is downright dangerous. With many people these days who can't take their eyes off their phones to drive, installing other distractions for the driver turns it into the pretty lethal weapon. I even recall one of my friends telling me a person on that show had to sell their car, because in the end they couldn't drive it. This show, like many other MTV shows, heavily promotes materialism just for the sake of it. While tricking out the car is really cool looking and will impress their friends, they don't seem to give them what they need. Practicality plays no part.

This title has:

Too much sex
Too much swearing
Too much consumerism
age 8+

Pimp my Ride

A very addicting show to watch. They certainly know what they're doing.

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Great role models
age 11+

Parents should see it with their daughters

The movie was enjoyable overall, with several funny scenes thrown in. It can lead to much meaningful discussion with your pre-teen and teenage daughter about the proper way for girls to treat each other, and what it means to be a friend. But I would caution the parents of pre-teens to young teens about the sexual references and the underage drinking which is depicted in the film, if you don't want your kids to be exposed to such images.(Thank goodness most of these refences went over my daughter's head.) At least the drinking scene ended realistically with the girl throwing up, which may be a deterrent for some kids. The mother in the film is a complete idiot, and although meant to be funny, some girls might think that her character is one they wish their mothers would be more like. This is not a good thing! Near the end, there was a good scene about conflict resolution and a realistic view about how social interaction improves with age and maturity.
not rated for age


awesome show, nothing wrong with it