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age 12+

Simple, and unoriginal. Some language.

"Pimp My Ride" is a Reality TV show on MTV, in which cars are getting fixed. Being aired on MTV, "Pimp My Ride" aims at teenagers, especially the "hip hop crowd". You can hear this from the language that is used and the music that is played. Since MTV is not anymore a Music Television only, it tries to entertain the target group. They do so by making a lot of Reality TV, like "The Real World" or the more current show "Jersey Shore". However, this series is for one purpose and one purpose only: gaining a lot of money. Taking an every day situation, overloading it with too much hip hop attitude and then airing it on TV. Series like this are as successful as they are short-living and unoriginal. About every year, a reality series comes out, airs for a few month, and then gets cancelled. "Pimp My Ride" is no exception. It is pure consumerism and does not have a single episode of originality. It is one of many short-lived reality series and, as far as we can tell, will not be the last of its genre. In this series the only value is the language, which is bleeped out. But you can still tell what they are saying. Recommended age: 12+

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Too much swearing
age 18+

Yeah,and I thought CSM would stop being overprotective when I agreed with them on Allen Gregory!

OK,just because Pimp My Ride isn't for kid,dosn't mean it's bad! It's extremely funny to be honest!
age 17+

BAD and my name is Kidvideos

i hate the word 'p*mp' because i search the word pimp on google and has been removed from safe search.
age 2+

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Great messages
Great role models
not rated for age
not rated for age
not rated for age

Great show!

A great show for kids 10+. Watch as Xzibit and West Coast Customs pimp someone's ride! Can get a tad bit boring though. This show's got the whole world sayin MTV PIMP MY RIDE!
not rated for age

OK show

"Pimp My Ride" is a new show on MTV about fixing up, or "pimping" junky old cars. It is interesting to see the mechanics make these cars go from old and rusted to very nice. Some of the stuff they do is amazing. There is no sex, violence, or drugs/ alcohol. The mechanics swear, but strong profanities are bleeped out. Commercialism is an issue as many brand name things are put in the cars. This show doesn't have a good message because it says that to be a cool person you have to have a cool car. Overall though it is one of the cleaner shows on MTV.
not rated for age

A great car show

not rated for age