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Fun Show

I think that this is a cool show for Disney Movie lovers. I think this is great for all ages, as long as you have seen the movie it is about it is so much fun.
age 5+

Pixar on Earth!

Great Disney+ show with Pixar pranks. These episodes were about Pixar pranks like WALL-E in lost and found, Inside Out controller, Hank and Dory in an Aquarium, Toys in cones, cosplays, and it’s about when Pixar characters brought to life in New York City. I love pranks because it's very funny and makes me to giggle! I checked my Parents about real life Pixar characters and it has funny pranks. However, it is funny. Nothing sexual content. No violence, and no swearing. These people repeated “oh my god!” when we’re at the pranks. There’s nothing drinking. I can’t wait to see Russell from Up and Dash from The Incredibles. WALL-E in real life is funny and he must be different. The old WALL-E was built in 2008 and he has the good looks; he is moving his wheels, he can talk mostly, and he dances his head. The new one is shaky, more yellowish, he says “Eva!” attractively, and he moves cross the street is funny. Here’s Finding Dory; the Blue Tang fish is going to be role as Dory and the girl says “that fish looks like Dory!” and Hank has tentacles that shaped like swim noodles. I’m confused about Inside Out thing. Merida joins the Archery game and Toys in cones can be funny and saving Woody. However, this show was rated G and it's just like prank videos on YouTube. You gave this 3 stars while gave pukish Titanic 4 stars? I really hate Titanic because of the romance is cheesy and annoying, characters saying swear words, poor acting, pointless plot, Jack Dawson is a dirty minded kid who wants to be with Rose, and it is the one of the worst movies ever! No wonder that Leo DiCaprio isn't an family friendly actor so i'm a schoolgirl! So don't mention that! Anyways I recommend for you/your kids to see this! Bravo!!!

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