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Randy and dresses are divine

Randy Fenoli is my favorite part of the show. I love his warmth, kindness and outstanding talent. With the exception of the conceited and rude bridal consultant Shay, the other bridal consultants are great. I realize that the producers think Shay added a new element to the show, but I wonder if they really considered the negative impact he brings. He dresses terribly. He is rude and conceited. He is very free with this hands spending a significant amount of time pawing and hugging the brides. Since I do not see that he is listed as an employee of the show as of 2/10/21, I wonder if the shop owners and producers realized that he was a walking and talking example of sexual harrassment?
age 18+

No more.

I used to watch to narrow down dress styles and sometime simply for entertainment; however, it has come to an end. 1) Why would you air anything in which Shay spreads such negativity about another employee. Maybe somebody should clue him in that you do not make yourself look better by nagarivity against others. He is not and will never be a leader. 2) Oma Rosa? Seriously? She is vile at best and will never make enough money in reality shows to buy breeding. She is forced upon us by the new Reality Star branch of the government I certainly do not have to include her in entertainment. Nastiness is not classy and is a sign of neither intelligence nor leadership; it is a sign of either no or very low class.