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age 14+

A good show but really dark

The basic premise of the show involves a person that finds out he has cancer and tells everyone and people start treating him differently. Later the doctor tells him it was a misdiagnosis but the main character refuses to tell anyone else because he likes the special attention. This show has many dark jokes and bad role models but still remains lighthearted most of the time. Some of the bad role models include the main character because he is a liar and decieves everyone he knows, the doctor that forces the main character to hide the misdiagnosis from his employers, the main character's girlfriend that tells him that she only loves him now because of his illness and is shown cheating on him, and a lot more. The main character smokes marijuana in a few scenes. sex is shown with movements and moaning with no nudity. there are some deaths usually played out for laughs. One character attempts sucide but changes his mind. And there is frequent strong swearing including f*** and s***. overall this show is pretty dark and I would reccomend for anyone over 14 that is mature enough to handle the dark themes..

This title has:

Too much violence
Too much sex
Too much swearing
Too much drinking/drugs/smoking