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Adult Written byCarrieinDallas April 9, 2008

Common ground for kids and parents

I am a fairly conservative Christian parent. I monitor what my child watches and have watched SpongeBob with him sice he was about four. He's seven now and this show is something we enjoy watching together. Spongebob is a "nice" guy. Yes, he's clueless and irritating to some of the other characters, but he's also a hard worker, friendly, loyal, kind, and honest. He is the best fry cook ever, a good best friend to Patrick. He turns the other cheek when Squidword is rude to him and continues to be kind. He demonstrates friendly competitiveness with the Sandy character, the patience of a struggling student at boating school, and honesty on a number of occasions like when he and Patrick stole the baloon and ended up turning themselves in. The "bad guys" in the show--Plankton and Squidword--have both demonstrated that they are good-hearted inside and pale in comparison to the bad guys in other cartoons. Just because you are annoyed by this cartoon does not make it the devils work. Please try to be objective when you reveiw these shows or this type of forum becomes irrelevent.
Adult Written bycherry619 October 21, 2011

Teach your kids early on

Really parents? I grew up in the nineties, I watched classic Nick shows as well as Spongebob. Now I am going to college to be a teacher. Sometimes you can stuff your kids brains with positive messages but they won't always turn out happy sunshine's because there's a pesky thing called reality and reality doesn't work that way as in kids shows.

Spongebob mixes general sillies and jokes with real world problems. The words 'idiot' and 'stupid' will always show up in the real world. You can cover their ears all you like but they will hear it sooner or later. Watching Spongebob gives parents a great opportunity to teach children what they will face when they get older. Name calling, disappointment, those annoying friends, pesky neighbors, losing jobs, getting crushes etc. are part of reality and they will all face this some day. Like another review said it's a perfect opportunity to sit down with your kids and explain this things. Not to mention Spongebob general quirkiness will grab the attention of any young child and despite him being sometimes oblivious many kids can relate.

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Parent of a 12-year-old Written byJoeyBroey177 August 15, 2010
Adult Written byHailo C. May 31, 2020

SpongeBob review

Suggested MPAA Rating: PG for mild rude humor and language (words such as stupid and boobs)

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Violence & scariness
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Parent of a 6 and 8-year-old Written byGI-ANT MOM April 10, 2010

Godd for kids of any age! Positive lessons in the end!

I have watched nearly every episode with my children and have found a prominent, positive message in nearly all of them. I would suspect parents who have not really sat with their children to watch might hear bits and peices and pass judgement, but if you see it through and actually take the time to sit with your children to explain things they might be unsure of, it is a perfect opportunity to talk with them heart to heart about real issues that they are or will deal with...Reality!Parents the real world is not like "Leave it to Beaver" and this show helps kids realize that bad things can happen including name calling and fighting etc. and that there are ways to deal with it. my sons have learned many positive words and lessons well beyond his years. Pay attention and you will see... compared to many other shows it is one of the best!

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Parent of a 10 and 17-year-old Written byAngelos Tsiaklis December 12, 2013


What is wrong with you people!! Spongebob is a cartoon, which means that things that occur in the show are not real. simple as that. If your child doesn't understand reality from fantasy maybe instead of ranting of how horrible the show is, sit down with the kid and explain it. You can't censor the world. Sooner or later your child is going to grow up, and trust me if you don't slowly expose your child to everyday things that you cant avoid, you will do more harm than good.
Adult Written byEllieC April 2, 2012

Nothing good here

I let my son watch this a couple of times when he was little (3 or so) and immediately decided it wasn't a good choice. No educational elements and the characters model some behavior we wouldn't allow in our house. There is really nothing of value in this show for young kids. My oldest is 5 now and although he may occasionally watch at a friend's house, we still don't let him watch it at home.

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Violence & scariness
Adult Written byjdc April 9, 2008

Spongebob Appropriate-for-Children-Pants!!

Ok, I'll confess to sometimes watching Spongebob TV episodes even when my 6 year old isn't around...

Spongebob really is a delightful character who never lets anything get him down (for long). He makes the best of every situation and sees the good in everyone he meets (even Plankton, even Squidward).

Spongebob is portrayed from several points of view (depending on who the main character of the episode is)- Patrick looks up to Spongebob as an intellectually superior mentor- Krabs looks on Spongebob as an always-reliable and dedicated employee (who can forget their broadway-esque ballad "this grill is not a home.... it's just a greasy spooooooon/ without yooooooouuuuu)- Sandy sees Spongebob as a worthy competitor- Squidward sees him as an annoyance, Plankton as a pawn (though he's always proven wrong) and Mrs. Puff as a (too) dedicated, over-achieving, yet never quite making the mark student.

Wow, talk about a well-rounded character- we see every side of him.

And not just Spongebob- each character is given his moment to shine. Each has had an episode that has made the viewer question their previous opinion- Plankton really is a softy at heart- Squidward's bitterness is really just a remnant of high school dreams never come to fruition (join the club)- Krabs grew up in poverty, that's why he "pinches" the pennies (ha, he's a crab... pinches... get it... anyway)- Sandy secretly longs for her homeland.

In any case, my daughter is 6 and has been allowed to watch the show since she was a toddler.

In my view (which is just my view), if you find this show too offensive/inappropriate for your child- you probably shouldn't own a TV period- as you're not going to find anything more innocuous.

Indeed I think it provides a positive message about perservering with a positive attitude an an open mind.

You'll be left with a song in your heart (F is for friends who do stuff together, U is for U and Me...)
Adult Written bydowelborn November 17, 2018

New episodes are really bad

My five year old and eight year old have mentioned they no longer like Spongebob since they changed them. I watched a few episodes and have to agree. They are pretty worthless. The new animations are annoying and pathetic. Whoever is writing them is simply trying to hard to make them different. They had a good thing going and have ruined them. Some things just shouldn't be changed. It was good while it lasted but we've removed the episodes from recording to our DVR and won't return. Sad.
Parent of a 6-year-old Written byazstewart January 2, 2013

I'd rather turn the TV off than watch

I really hate Sponge Bob. I don'tt think at a single digit age, you can get satire, and dark satire at that. I abhor how Sponge Bob is abused - and how he accepts that abuse. With the way kids model behavior in cartoon and they way they bring into their play (Ooo, I want to be X characters), this show definitely should not be in their play repertoire. Occasionally, I allow my son to watch it - but I make sure I watch it with him to counteract any of the messages.

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Adult Written byJEDI micah June 21, 2012


Besides the Amish, who has not heard of SpongeBob?! He is like a cartoon icon! He is definitely very entertaining for kids! I laugh whenever I hear his laugh! His laugh has got to be the most famous one ever! But since SpongeBob has been around since 1999, it's kinda losing its appeal, but I'm sure it'll come back with better episodes soon!

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Violence & scariness
Parent of a 1, 10, 10, 14, and 15-year-old Written bycharmsmatuts November 30, 2011

Crazy as Always

Guys what are you talking about my kids love spongebob. Yeah it was better in the past but still pretty funny. I beg to differ with anybody who doesn't like it. It's cute. It should be Rated TV G or Rated TV Y.

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Adult Written bymixiladfox October 3, 2020

Great Show

It’s a good show, but in the episode “mermaidman begins”, mermaidman is seen wearing a very revealing swimsuit, which shows off his cleavage.

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Adult Written byncooganore August 2, 2020

That show

Instead of TV-Y, it should be rated TV-Y7. I think squidward was mean to Spongebob and the thing I watched on YouTube is Spongebong Hemppants. The language was Idiot boy. Idiot SpongeBob. That was on Nickelodeon like SpongeBob SquarePants (TV Series 1999-).

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Drinking, Drugs & Smoking
Adult Written byBananaAppleFace0361 February 9, 2020


It’s for children of course! I don’t know why other people are saying it’s for adults only! It’s for kids so I think 2 and up
Adult Written bydcs1 December 29, 2017

These bad parent reviews are stupid.

I’m 13 years old. I’ve watched this show since I was 3. I will be honest, spongebob is a great show. There isn’t any violence. The “violence” isn’t REAL. If your child doesn’t understand that, then explain it to him! These parents are STUPID. Darn, heck, and moron ARE NOT bad words. Plus, the characters don’t even use those words that much. It is educational because some episodes such as “The Best Day Ever” teach us good lessons. And you learn some things about marine life. Thank you.

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Parent of a 2 and 4-year-old Written byCody Patterson MJO October 11, 2015

Great show

I loved this show as a teen and now my two little guys watch it all the time. There's really nothing wrong with it, other than lacking much educational value. It's just plain goofy and the songs are great. There's always someone in my house singing F is for Friends. No violence, no bad language, I don't see why kids of any age should be disallowed from watching.
Adult Written byrationalrevo July 1, 2015

Anti-role model

SpongeBob is a naive fast food worker, with a greedy exploitative boss who abuses him and his co-worker friends, though they are oblivious and remain loyal to him. Think about it. SpongeBob is presented as a role model for exactly what every corporate boss wants: a mindless idiot who takes endless abuse, has no spine, and no higher goals other than serving his boss.

The values promoted by this show are consumerism, hero worship, boss worship, mindlessness, idiocy, having low goals, low brow humor, and promotion of being annoying.

The only intelligent character in the show (Squidward) is portrayed negatively, and his intellect is portrayed as a bad trait.

The fact that this show is popular and widely marketed to kids is pretty absurd. It is essentially capitalist propaganda. Only in America....
Adult Written byImSpidey2 May 24, 2012

It's getting too popular now.

I love the first three seasons, but it's getting really bad now. I hate toilet humor or anything including it, and this show is no exception. It's getting too popular and it should've cancelled after the movie. I know Nick would die if that happened, but it's for the best.

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Violence & scariness
Adult Written byneoking2002_neo September 5, 2010

Fun series, but...

Spongebob's great, however it airs WAY TOO MUCH!!! Once or twice a day is fine, but ten times a day, STOP THE PRESSES!!!