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SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron

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SWAT Kats: a stylistic, action-heavy cartoon with a lot of heart. And missiles. Lots of missiles.

SWAT Kats is one of my favourite cartoons from the 90s. Believe it or not, this was the No.1 syndicated cartoon in 1994, but it was cancelled shortly after. :( The cartoon is about two ex-Enforcers (essentially cops) named Chance and Jake. As enforcers, they were a pilot/co-pilot team, but after causing a hell of a lot of damage to the city in pursuit of notorious criminal Dark Kat, they are kicked off the force. The kats are forced to work in a junkyard to repay their debt. However, realizing how much military junk is readily available to them, they decide to build their own plane and become high-flying vigilantes against the forces of evil plaguing their city: The SWAT Kats! SWAT Kats is a brilliant 90's action cartoon with a rockin' metal soundtrack and a great visual style: the matte blacks used for shading make it look like a moving comic book. Chance and Jake are superbly designed characters (both aesthetically and in their personalities) and their supporting cast of allies and enemies are also very well done. Each episode drives our heroes to the brink, with multiple "how will they turn this around?" moments in a single episode, thanks to the usually superb writing. Kids loved this show, as well as adults. I'm 17 and only just started watching it: it's a radical show that I'd recommend to pretty much anyone. The character depth and good nature that we see in both Chance and Jake earns the "great messages" tag as well as the "great role models" tag, and even though there's a lot of explosions, trust me: this show doesn't warrant the "too much violence" tag. Considering there's giant dinosaurs/robots/alienships/you name it regularly destroying stuff, it's kept tame enough for the young'uns. You can find it on DVD from the official Warner Bros. shop here:… and on Amazon here: Alternatively, watch it online here:

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Great messages
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I love this show, its on rerun where i live, and its so awesome! theres tons of action in it, might be to much for young kids but anyone 10+ would probly love this show,

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Too much violence