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Adult Written bywhovian85 April 9, 2008

pretty good

Dude, the reviewer really has it in for the turtles don't he (or she or it whatever)? I my self really enjoy the show. I love how they have serial story lines that allow more complex plots, well they did at the begining of the show anyway. It's almost as good as the original cartoon.
Adult Written byUlisaBarbic September 5, 2013

Different take on Turtles is still Gold

Overall, this is a good take on the turtles, though very different from the campy 80s, and drawing much more from the comic book source material. The violence can get frightening for young kids at times (Leonardo in particular is injured pretty severely and has to take time to heal) but this can also open up many discussion opportunity. One that comes to mind is at the end of Season 3, beginning of Season 4, Leonardo takes a lot of guilt on his shoulders that he does not need to carry and it negatively affects his relationship with his family, despite his good intentions. While he may come across as cold to some viewers, it's a good chance to discuss that people may interpret your actions differently than you intended. I recommend it and highly enjoy it myself
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