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It's to scripted...

This isn't natural at all especially the second episode, it start in the most cleanest home in existence with the business lady with a small dog, and the little girl who has the hamster. Yada yada yada the glass breaks dog takes the blame and other stuff (never put a hamster in a hamster ball there very dangerous) and then the hamster falls down to the side walk...?! Are seriously going to but a hamster at risk of dying in our streets? And it just goes on and on... This does not teach pet care and is not natural, I don't have a problem with city themed animals but come on. And another episode with the kid and the egg he put it under a lamp for 3-4 days wouldn't that you know..? Burn out, how did the dad not notice...? I would really suggest night on earth and our earth, the show is very natural and covers the water to land. (Also dancing with birds) But I would not recommend tiny creatures...

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Too much consumerism