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The lady on the show with the black hair should not try changing others when she always just looks the same always !

I don’t think anyone should be listening to the lady on this show she always appears to look the same fir past 4 years that I have watched the show off and on it’s always the same old stuff hey lets get real people ! I was once a professional model and performing dance artist now retired due to health reason , but I can let everyone know these fashion statements the lady on the show goes into just isn’t all true if so how come she never changes? And the gentleman on the show he always looks the same too they wear things right out of the90 ,s some late89,s even and lady on the show her hair always the same ! She wants to cut other ladies hair but never her own lets face it cold she was originally just a foot model for Dr. scholls and high heels not s fashion model I’m not watching this any more put out daughtered back on the air cause dam!

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Too much consumerism
age 12+

Talk about respect and budget sense

This show is fun to watch for the transformations from funny-looking to fantastic. I enjoy and fully endorse the message that people of all body types can look good when they dress with self-respect and a bit of design sense. What bothers me is that this show promotes the idea that if you want to look good, you have to spend lots of money. Only once have I seen anyone on this show enter a secondhand clothing store. (In that case it wasn't for budget reasons, but for going-green reasons, which is also a positive message.) The put-downs in the show make parental guidance important. If you watch this with your kids, talk with them about whether the way Stacy and Clinton talk to the subjects is appropriate. Encourage kids to look for people's positive qualities of talents and character, and not to judge them negatively for how they dress. Despite the consumerism and the mean words, I call this show a net positive because teen and tween girls sorely need the "beautiful in any body" message that What Not to Wear conveys.

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Great messages
Too much consumerism
age 13+
I -hate- this show. They give the same tips to EVERY person. They do NOT realize that everyone has their own style. They make these people feel bad about the clothes that THEY enjoy and feel comfortable in, and they both have HORRIBLE taste themselves! Hate it, hate it, hate it!
age 17+

Thumbs down

This show is just down right degrading to the people in need of fashion advice. The hosts use words like frightful, dreadful, ugly, makes me want to vomit, when referring to the women they have coming on the show. Does it make them feel good about themselves to bash someone else because he or she isn't like them! The show is ridiculous, thumbs down.
age 17+
I watch your show every Saturday, and more I watch it, more it makes me sick, it's only for the people who know nothing about fashion, I don't know how you can call yourselves fashion experts.
age 11+
Love the show!!

This title has:

Great role models
age 16+

For responsible level-headed adults only.

I have noticed that one of the commercials for "What Not To Wear" that occurs at some point while the show is going on just before going to other commercials features two naked women bare breasted except for their hands cuping the nipples. For this reason, I would not let my children watch this show. They get plenty of negative images for other sources. You would think TLC would be safe. The show-hosts, Stacey and Clinton, use foul language throughout the episodes. They also ridicule and make fun of people because of the way they look. I have noticed that the makeup artist often refers certain brand-specific products such as Crest White Strips to the person recieving the makeover. Many times the unkowing makeover-ees are found drinking in a bar. Sometimes it is at a bar where they show off their new look to their friends. As an adult, the show is not that bad. I would not allow my children to watch it.

This title has:

Too much sex
Too much swearing
Too much consumerism
Too much drinking/drugs/smoking
age 17+
I Don't care for this show, who can tell you what you should or should not wear its okay to buy something here and there but im not spending $300 on an outfit and another 100 on shoes, what gives them the right to tell you what you can and cannont wear people have better things to do and if people had the time any money to get all dressed up and spend hours on makeup then they would, its chaging everything you like to be to meet someone elses standards
age 10+

A Great Show

What Not To Wear is full of great fashion advice and healthy self-esteem boosts. The women (and, occasionally, men) featured are all in need of drastic fashion help. Most have one of two problems: dressing like they're thirteen in clothes two sizes too small, or dressing like they're fifty in clothes two sizes too big. Each time, Stacy and Clinton, with help from hirstylist Nick and makeup artist Carmindy, revitalize the participant without sacrificing their personality and style. Except for a few sexy outfits and some contestant's lifestyles there is no objectionable material. The show really won't appeal to kids under ten.