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Parent of a 1 and 4 year old Written byCdub88 July 19, 2013

Disappointed. Needs improvement.

ABCmouse sounded interesting, so I decided to register for my four-year old son. He really enjoys playing games on playstation, iPad and online (ie Fisherprice, Cartnoon Network). He also enjoys our own learning activities- we regularly do "homework", where he learns to read and write four to five-letter words, as well as math games, memory games, etc. I thought he would love this site. At first, it was neat to make an avatar that looked like him, and watch it move along the learning path, but it was way too easy. So, I took it to the next level...still too easy. ABCmouse apparently believes that math games for preschoolers should be counting to 10 and number identification. Dispite this, I let him carry on with the lessons. Later I noticed that there are quite a few "art" lessons, which was just frustrating. More than most, I appreciate the arts (my degree is in art, for crying outloud!) and I couldn't bare it. It was coloring pages, tons of them. The pointer had terrible delay for all coloring sessions and my son and I found it both boring and aggrevating. Maybe it's for some kids, but I don't see how coloring in line art could possibly teach anything to anyone. My son sees them as a chore. Why not put in an at-home craft activity, or have them look at actual art by real artists? After completing the "art activity", it wouldn't allow us to move forward unless we saved the darn thing. I customized the activities to exlude all coloring, but still, it just seemed so slow and boring. Games took so long to load, stories were slow and uninteresting, songs bored you to sleep. My advice is to save your money, download a few applications for your tablet or phone. If you can't do that, then check out Umizoomi videos at the library and check out a few beginner books. I can't say enough for the public library system. If you do have the ability to download apps for your child to use, I highly recomend Monkey Preschool Lunchbox for reading, Umizoomi Race Around the City for preschool math, any jigsaw puzzle apps for problem-solving, heck, there are tons of resources to keep your kid learning and motivated. ABCmouse just isn't quite there in terms of site layout, smooth navigation, and appropriate activities that will hold a preschooler's attention. I would have happily offered my suggestions when I cancelled, but they didn't provide a section to explain my issue, only a few boxes that gave you ONE option to check. If ABCmouse really wanted to improve their site, they should send a survey, or give parents a comment section.
Parent of a 7 year old Written byconnie1976 September 16, 2013

Kept Billing My credit card even after cancelation

We canceled our trial membership early because my almost 4 year old found the site too difficult to navigate. He had a hard time working the mouse and following their "path". The content was engaging enough for his 7 year old sister to navigate with him. You need a computer savvy 3-4 year old to get the most use of the site at that early age. Irregardless--I canceled my trial membership early, even got a "why are you leaving survey" and they kept billing me. For that reason alone, I don't trust this company.
Parent of a 6 year old Written byMarih December 17, 2013

:( sad

I recommend to use STARFALL its free and a really good educational program. Also consult with you child’s teacher and they will know some nice sites to use for free.
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Parent Written bykhatch123 July 26, 2014

Major SCAM

We did the free trial and my son (5 1/2) loved it. So we got the year program. After 6 months he never wanted to play it, so we cancelled....several times. He's 7 now. We still get billed every month, we have called and emailed our cancellation multiple times. We've notified our credit card amd they continue to refund our account (the cc company, not abc mouse). The program is fine and the kids (7 & 3) get on it every now and then (since we are still paying for the stupid thing), but it's certainly not worth the $144 we've been billed so far. Buyer beward!
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Educator and Parent Written byAilina January 11, 2014

Fun but overstimulating: Less is more!

I registered for ABCmouse's 30-day trial membership to evaluate it as a supplement to my preschooler's readiness education. We also use Time4Learning and Starfall, so these other two sites were my basis for comparison. Right off the bat, ABCmouse's visuals and interactivity engaged my son. He wanted to try everything: songs, puzzles, painting, stories, games.... I was eager to explore, too, after helping him choose his avatar and pet. Our Pre-K method is daily, cumulative practice, so ABCmouse's "stepping stone" format seemed like it would be a good fit. It was in theory. ABCmouse has an impressive scope and sequence, and offers a lot in terms of effective educational material. Unfortunately, I found the valuable features bogged down and buried by an overabundance of clickables. The visual and aural distractions are innumerable. It's challenging enough to guide a preschooler's focus, but so much more difficult when his attentions are tugged in a million different directions! Overall, I found ABCmouse to be oversaturated with available activities. I think a site like this is great for leisure-time educational play. But for focused learning, I will continue to rely on Time4Learning and Starfall: These other two sites strike a solid balance between dynamic interactivity and a focused learning interface.
Educator and Parent Written bymomanteacher March 11, 2014

Billing is a Scam, better educational sites out there!

So much for a trial period! They won't stop billing my credit card even after canceling. False advertising and dishonesty!!! I won't let my kids use it just on principal. When they did use it, we didn't find it to be all that educational. A lot of puzzles and coloring. We have plenty of much much better (and free) sites to use. As an educator and parent, I'd advise you save your money.
Parent Written bynpuglisi February 18, 2015

Disappointed at Cancellation Policy

We ordered ABC mouse for my 4 year old son last year, the program is okay but we stopped using it approx 6 months ago and our credit card got automatically charged $59.95 again this year. I called to cancel but Beth from customer service said they could only reimburse me $44.05 to have it canceled even though I told her we no longer use the program. I was very disappointed so I wanted other parents to be aware of this.
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Parent Written bytheresel November 7, 2014

Ridiculed and laughed at by customer service!??

I had been using ABC mouse on subscription for 9 months when my card was declined as I had to change it due to fraud. I contacted them and gave my new credycard info to reactivate the account. They overcharged me with fees for no reason and I was LAUGHED and ridiculed by their customer service representative. This is absolutely unacceptable business ethics and I will pursue a complaint with the BBB. I am a business owner myself and would fire any person of my staff who would treat a client this way-shame on you ABC Mouse!
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Parent of a 5 year old Written bysunniebaye February 2, 2011

Perfect for preschoolers!

I have three daughters who use this daily for preschool. My 15 month old and 3 yr old use it with my assistance. My 4 yr old uses it independently. My 4 year old is more than ready for kindergarten. I couldn't say that before she started using ABC mouse 6 weeks ago. We are thrilled with the progress she's made!!! She LOVES using the site too!! We would give it more than five stars if we could.
Parent Written byonline education March 10, 2012

squidoo dot com/abcmouse-review

ABC mouse is just the best! my 3 year old lves it.Its very well designed to encourage your child to learn in stages and achieve 'goals'. if they win an award they get points to redeem in an online shop to enhance an avatar that they designed at the beginning.Covers all levels of education and all areas too.Brilliant!
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Educational value
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Parent Written bystrinrud February 3, 2014

The company makes it impossible to contact/ for that reason I say iffy

I have no idea if this site is any good. I tried to close the account immediately since I had wanted to see what they had required a CC> Well thinking it was closed I made no note of login info and have spent 2 months trying to close the account. Phone # says go to website and log in... Finally just contested it on CC bill.
Parent of a 5 year old Written byNoel623 March 26, 2015


If you purchase an annual subscription it will be set to automatically renew. does not send you a notification ahead of time to let you know that your subscription is about to be renewed. I have a lot on my mind and a lot of things happen over the course of a year, so having the date I began my subscription at the top of my list is a ridiculous notion. Also, refuses to give any sort of refund even if you cancel the very next day after your subscription is renewed. So, now I am paying for a full year of something my daughter no longer uses. This company could at least have the common courtesy of notifying its customers BEFORE the subscription is renewed instead of letting the customer find out when it appears on their credit card bill.
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Parent Written byCarrie2020 March 7, 2015


My grandson really enjoys learning with ABC Mouse. I do have a real problem with ABC Mouse. You aren't able to ever speak with a live person. I pressed every button available. I left a message 3 days ago about my account. I registered for the 30 day free trial gave them my credit card and they went ahead and deducted payment for a year's membership. Because of the fact that there is not a live person to speak with, I have to go to my bank and file a complaint to get my money back. Parents beware. It is really strange that they have no one you can talk to about any type of question and they do not answermessages. Who runs this business? To me this is fraudulent.
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Safety and privacy concerns
Parent Written byZOLDENKAMP February 19, 2014

please help

I just purchased a year subscription and cant seemto getthrough the account setup. The second section the "parents account" screen will not work. The next button is not responsive. Is anyone else having this problem? Ive tried on multiple device and keep getting stuck at the same spot. I need this to be resolved so my son and I can enjoy this service. Ive heard nothing but great things and would like to see for myself. Thanks for reading.
Parent Written bylandondonovan February 12, 2015

Terrible Billing Experience

Very hard to cancel. I had to contact their customer support 5 times. Finally they cancelled. Then 3 months later, charges started appearing on my card again for no reason. I like them, but when you go to cancel watch out. Probably because they are financially strained. The deep discounts they are always offering via email suggest that they are hurting
Kid, 9 years old June 3, 2012

No Schedule

My younger sister (4) isn't going into kindergarten until she's 6. So we saw a commercial for this and decided to try it. My brother (7) and I (9) saw how much fun she was having and wanted to get our own accounts. I tried it for at least an hour and never got on again. I think part of it was because I was too old and got bored pretty easily. Eventually my brother and sister got off. I don't know why they got off. I guess it was because you could do any thing you wanted! I personally like a schedule. This for a while and that for a while. I don't think my family's going to use it ever again.
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Parent Written bysosaial November 29, 2014

Not worth the money

This was a waste of time. You can get most of the activities from PBS kids. The color also annoying. When you cancel your subscription, its a long process. Not worth your money.
Kid, 12 years old June 3, 2012

education matters

When I was young I grew up around educational toys and websites. I was even introduced to my first computer. So anything educational is great for youngsters as it's preparing them for school and the different subjects they will learn.
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Teen, 14 years old Written bystrawberryautopsy July 16, 2012


I'm a babysitter and I watch a 19 month old and she loves this! Of course I have to sit with her and help her do each activity and she can only do a lesson at a time but I think that once she's two she'll be able to do all of the toddler time activities with minimal help.
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Parent Written byEmilylovesben April 22, 2015


Recently I saw a commercial For ", shortly after seeing several commercials with promising results I decided to check it out online. It offered "one month free" trial, by entering credit card information it would t charge your card, if you canceld your membership before the end of that month. The targeted age is 2+ my son being 27 months I thought would be interested in it. When I signed up for the "free month" I immediately showed my son and we together attempted to navigate through the site. I found it difficult to understand how it operated. The lessons were more for 3-4 + and many of the lessons required that you purchase more on top of the monthly fee, if you didn't many of the "games" required this. My son wasn't the slightest bit interested. So i decided to just go ahead and cancel it as I found it to be dissipointing. I checked my banking information that day and there was a 75$ charge made to my account!!!!! I have emailed the company twice and NOT one person has contacted me. I am a single mother and can't afford to have 75$ charged when it was not supposed to be!!!! What a load of BULL! DO NOT DO THE TRIAL!!!! Scam!
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