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Best websites: Our Recommendations for Families

Looking for great websites for kids? Our editors have made it easy with these hand-picked lists of fun, age-appropriate kids' sites and online games. It's a big world on the web, but with lists like ours, it can be a worthwhile one for your kids.
YouTube Website Poster Image
These 15 apps and websites changed everything.
codeSpark Academy App Poster Image
Though these tools are great for all kids, they have special appeal for kids who need an extra challenge.
OpenSecrets.org Website Poster Image
Find accurate, credible media sources with these sites.
Daisy Chain App Poster Image
Help kids make a positive impact on the world with apps and sites that encourage giving.
Stop, Breathe & Think App Poster Image
When it's time for your kid to apply to college, don't panic! These tech tools can help your kid get in and stay in.
News-O-Matic App Poster Image
News websites designed for a young audience.
Barefoot World Atlas App Poster Image
Connect the local to the global.
Arthur Family Health Website Poster Image
These online resources keep kids of all ages healthy and informed.
PBS Kids Video Website Poster Image
Discover the next viral hit on one of these sites.
Playing for a Better World App Poster Image
Encourage social responsibility in kids.
BrainPOP Jr. Website Poster Image
Online resources for tough assignments.
Activity Village Website Poster Image
Can kids learn and have fun at the same time? You bet!
Daniel Tiger's Grr-ific Feelings App Poster Image
Help kids put themselves in the shoes of others.
Daily Vroom App Poster Image
Educational goodies that won't break the bank.
SesameStreet.org Website Poster Image
Help kids understand different viewpoints.
Busy Shapes App Poster Image
Help your kids build friendships and gain world know-how as they gear up for their first years of school.
Stop Bullying Now! Website Poster Image
Help stop cruel behavior before it starts.
Dinosaurs: The American Museum of Natural History Collection App Poster Image
Explore art, science, and history from around the world.
Bedtime Math Website Poster Image
Things just don't add up when your kid can't stand math, but these tools can help.
Desmos Graphing Calculator App Poster Image
If your kids need extra practice or help with middle school math, check out this list of tools.