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Be aware of the auto renewal subscription, Brilliant didn't made me aware of the auto renewal and charged me for another year without my consent. Very disapointing and very hard to contact with the support team, if I click to contact the support team it will open a new window with the google webapge. I feel like it's a scam.
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A good effort, worth a try, but has some gaps.

I tried this with my 9 year old son (home schooled). To be fair, does not offer sign up as below 13 years old, so was teaching concepts much further beyond my son's level. I found it great as a tool to sit with him and tutor him with, but I could not leave him with it - I seemed to be able to give much clearer explanations, or walk him through solutions much better than they did. Generally speaking, is interesting, but I’m not sure how it fits in to . It does not seem to teach reliably, it is more reliable for practice. It does have courses, so supposedly is for teaching, but it’s focused on applied activities, so it is only when you get it wrong or click “view solution” that it teaches you. That general approach is potentially quite good (e.g. if you get the answer right, it does not waste your time teaching you), but unfortunately the explanations it gives you to teach you were not very kid friendly - it uses a lot of big words and assumes a lot of prior knowledge, which it does not give you links to explore further if you don’t have that knowledge, so it can leave you hanging. Having said all that, it still leaves me with the question: is there a resource like for students under 13 years old?

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Bait and switch company

This is a bait and switch company, they lure you in with a guarantee of the first two sessions, if you proceed after that it's a nightmare to try and get out of, you have to specifically state each and every time that you communicate with them that you want to cancel and you have to give them more notice then if they choose to cancel a scheduled session. If you post negative reviews they do complain and post your information online. Their is no legit person associated with the company and if you look up their company associated in their terms of service you cannot find a listing. The business address that they use is for multiple businesses.
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