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age 11+

Far Left

I like to show my Social Studies class a daily news segment. I am an independent, and watch for media bias in anything I show my students. Though CNN leans left, their cnn10 for students keeps it down the middle, explaining both sides. I can not say the same for ChannelOne. This is an extremely far left program. In the rare times I show it anymore, I make sure to tell the students when they don't tell both sides, which is often. However, I can not show them this garbage again after seeing the 5/10/18 show. At the 1:26 mark, they literally doctored the footage to make Trump's face (not the rest of his body as you can see where it was edited) look neon orange-green. I watched this when I was in high school and I can only wonder how many they have indoctrinated. Not good. If you disagree, choose any episode at random and see if they give both sides of any political argument. You'd be hard pressed to find one.
age 11+

Unbias news, presented responsibly for younger viewers

They don't show a slant. They do small reports on different topics. They report current events. I feel safe showing this to my class.
age 17+

Left Wing Bias Media

Some of the historical media is okay for teen but most of the daily news and political affairs are swayed to a left wing bias opinion. It paints republicans in a bad light while lifting up democrats.