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Kid, 12 years old September 3, 2012

Brilliant for learning code

I tried this and it's actually pretty fun! It's actually called "codecademy", not "codeacademy" by the way.
Teen, 16 years old Written byGraceNut January 24, 2013

Codecademy is Fantastic

As an extensive user of Codecademy, I have been thoroughly satisfied with the service they provide. It is in their terms of service that the site is for individuals 13yrs and up, which is not something that they enforce, and from my experience interacting with the staff, I don't believe they really feel that it is an issue. But, to be a completely legal user, you should be at least thirteen years old. Not only do they have an excellent method of teaching, they also have moderators for the Q&A Forums that do a wonderful job of responding to users that are having issues, as well as keeping the Forums clear of spam and unwholesome content. I very highly recommend the site, as a way of learning to code second only to personal training.
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Kid, 11 years old January 17, 2015

Coding awesomeness

This site provides access to learning how to code in over 6 programming languages, and also courses for animating their name to creating websites! Take your tweens/teens to this site. These skills are useful, people.
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Teen, 14 years old Written bythesocialproject August 22, 2014

it's OK

I think this website is really well coded and designed they use very good color schemes and the layout is decent. I went onto this website to learn code mainly python and java. I thought the lessons where decent at first but they get ridiculous and once you get to the higher levels you realized non of the information made sense earlier and these lessons are just making it more and more confusing. They tell you how to do the code but prior to that they don't tell what the importance of what your doing is or how it effects the code they just pretty much say, here do these variables and we hope you learn something. If you really want to learn code and you don't have money this is the best place to go that I've found so far. Also the lack of coding languages they have available is quite sad they don't have c++, lua, etc your better off buying some sort of text book. I am nearly finished with the python lesson and I still don't know what the use of bolleans are and how to make a string. Almost all of there lessons make little to no sense and you have to guess on what to do. One lesson they told me to just use two asterisks to find the answer to a problem and it would equal 1 but I still don't get how the two asterisks work. I'm only continuing to complete the lessons because me and a couple of my friends are producing a video game and this is what was recommended to me to learn python. I am most certainly not happy with this website. Don't get me started about the Q&A section it's completely unorganized if you mis-click on the wrong answer you have to close the tab and relaunch the Q&A section. The community is good and most people are willing to help you.
Kid, 12 years old November 11, 2013

Hard at first, but amazing

I started coding a few years ago, and I wasn't very successful. It's very difficult to grasp, but after I got the hang of it, I finally realized how websites and apps are really made. Codecademy continues to prove amazing!
Teen, 17 years old Written bybayerntime April 20, 2015

This website sparked my interest for coding

This website is extremely useful to start a long and prosperous career in computer programming. I was introduced to this by my Inventions and Innovations teacher. The amount of knowledge that was bestowed upon me in my first lesson was astonishing. Any problems can be solved with a simple look in the discussion forum. It is free to use and very helpful. RECCOMEND
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Teen, 13 years old Written byNicktheminigiant April 14, 2015

If it weren't for Codecademy, I wouldn't know Python!

I decided it was time to move on from Scratch to learn real coding. This was the perfect site. (I actually learned a bit of Java first, then HTML, then Python.) I learned quite a bit of Python, at the most. Then, I moved on to making text-based games. (Haven't released any yet, though!)
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Kid, 12 years old October 29, 2016

Great way to learn, but with pros, there are also cons...

Let me start of by telling you. If you want to learn to code, you should probably get the code academy pro. Blink and you miss it. If you study something (for example conditionals) chances are you won't do anything related to that for a while. Codeacademy is good. Don't get me wrong. I have been a faithful user since I was nine. I have learnt JavaScript Html and I'm learning python. There is no doubt about it. Code academy is a great way to learn code and I would recommend it... To people who don't have a low attention span. I'm pretty sure all of my teachers (other than my phys ed teacher who keeps telling me I can't read during P.E.) have asked me at least twice if I have ADHD. I probrably have the lowest attention span in the world. Code academy is soooooo tiring and you stop paying attention after a while. Some people disagree however. code academy is broken up into bite sized modules. I would recommend code academy to everyone. But online code camp is a great - maybe better - alternative.
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